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November 29, 2022
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Chinese courts secure real estate using blockchain Blocksats

Several courts in China have used block chain technology to secure real estate using electronic seals. Such seals allow much better supervision of secured properties.

Electronic seal to secure real estate

The executive office of the People’s Court in the Haidian District in Beijing has implemented an electronic seal based on blockchain to secure real estate in the Chaoyang District.

The electronic seal system uses blockchain to protect your property.

How reported The Global News local news agency on July 5, thanks to the use of an electronic seal based on blockchain, courts are able to monitor the property, using video cameras, in real time.

If the property is violated, the system will automatically enter surveillance mode and send mobile notifications to the plaintiff and law enforcement authorities. According to the report, the system is also able to take a picture of the offender and send it to the appropriate platform. In addition, the seal also plays a warning sound informing the intruder about the legal consequences of violating the sealed property.

Apparently, the use of blockchain technology is aimed at recording data and protecting against their change by the parties involved. Law enforcement employees can use a platform that provides information on the history of sealed property.

According to the local Chinacourt.org website, this is the first time a Beijing court has used an electronic seal. Several other courts in Jiangsu Province in East China, Hunan Province in South China and Jiangxi Province have already used this new technology.

Blockchain in China

In the second quarter of 2019, over 3.1 million Chinese court cases were resolved through blockchain and artificial intelligence, i.e. “Intelligent internet courts”. According to Zhang Wen, president of the Beijing Internet Court, implementation of blockchain technology helps in collecting and providing evidence in cases, and also promotes the development of social credibility in the country.

Suzhou, a Chinese city, wants to build a notch system based on blockchain. The new system would allow the use of the notarial tracking function in real time throughout the country.

In addition, the state-funded Blockchain Service Network (BSN) is supposed to be integrated with public blockchains such as Ethereum and Nervos Network.

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