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December 8, 2022
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Co-founder of Nifty Gateway warns of a hype on the NFT market –

Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of Nifty Gateway, He said Decrypt that he is tired of what is happening in the NFT market. – If you do this with the sole purpose of making money, you likely won’t have fun and likely won’t make a lot of money either, which is kind of the greatest irony He said.

Nifty Gateway co-founder abhors money?

The NFT boom in February and March was “destabilizing “, said Foster. Since then, however, interest began to wane. So is Foster’s patience. He admitted that he is tired of artists and musicians who send e-mails with a question ” “Hey guys, you know, we gotta call you.” I have to get my NFT up and running within the next week before this hype is over! “

If that is your approach, you are unlikely to have long-term success in the NFT space Foster said.

As a reminder, the NFTs were criticized in 2018, when CryptoKitties was a new vogue. As Foster recalled, people said back then that non-exchangeable tokens would never stick together.

It’s a bit like Peter Schiff – he said, referring to the famous critic of Bitcoin. – He just delivers [tę samą krytykę] every year and she just gets more and more confused every year – he explained. As he added, time proved that the haters from the NFT market were also wrong.

NFT market

Admittedly, NFTs are listed today in the same breath alongside DeFi, smart contracts and other phenomena offered by the Ethereum platform.

This year turned out to be a breakthrough for the NFT market. Suddenly, it turned out that top artists want their tokens related to graphics, visuals or music.

Behemoth is the first Polish band from NFT.

Their NFT was broadcast, for example, by Grimes, a singer and private partner of Elon Musk. Rockmenia from Kings of Leon joined her, and soon after that, the legend of heavy music – the group Megadeth. Recently, Behemoth joined this elite group. The Polish band broadcast their NFT, which is related to the work of the famous artist-graphic Rowan E. Cassidy.

But why Nergal, why? Becoz we fuckin ‘CAN.

Posted by Adam Nergal Darski Friday, May 7, 2021

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