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Coins Review from Coinpaprika – Polish cryptocurrency management and wallet application in one | Blocksats

The Poznań cryptocurrency market aggregate has launched its new application – COINS. The Polish cryptocurrency management application will not only allow us to safely store funds, but also to invest. We checked how COINS works!

The last two years have put the world of cryptocurrency in a completely new light. The progressing institutionalization of the market has allowed the development of completely new areas that go hand in hand with the digitization of our lives. By downloading the COINS app from Coinpaprika I immediately noticed that the project is based on one thought – the application should contain all the functionality needed for cryptocurrency lovers and be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. This task seems to be quite ambitious. So how does the Polish cryptocurrency management application look like?

Coinpaprika – a solid base is the basis

Most cryptocurrency investors at some stage of their adventure decide to monitor the cryptocurrency market. The easiest way to do this is to use tools that aggregate data on the rates of individual assets. In the Polish crypto space, the most popular tool of this kind is the Coinpaprika portal. It is there that we will find current rates of all cryptocurrencies, as well as information about the depth and market capitalization. This basic Coinpaprika functionality has also been implemented in the COINS application.

The Polish application allows you to track the price change of a given cryptocurrency, as well as check its historical results. Intuitive filters also help us manage information. With their help, we can configure a personalized watchlist on which we will monitor only those assets that interest us. In the near future, you will also be able to set Price Alerts for coins that we follow – we can add it as a “controlled leakage”. A useful function will limit the positions we observe to only those in our portfolio. A nice addition is also the option of choosing the currency in which individual quotations are shown – of course, you can also set prices in PLN.

Access to the community

Noteworthy is also the option of “scouring” the Internet in search of information about the cryptocurrency that interests us. After selecting a specific item from the list, we get access to a number of useful data. In addition to the summary of the project metrics, we also find a brief description of the project’s technological assumptions. For larger ones, a movie will often be included. It is worth highlighting the important role of the social nature of these publications – most often films come directly from projects.

In addition to a short technical description, the tab also includes links to the most important technical documentation of the project. From the point of view of potential users who want to familiarize themselves with a given project, it is worth starting research on Coins. The application also refers to projects Whitepapers.

COINS also includes the social aspect of cryptocurrencies. Mainly three tabs are used for this purpose, which monitor social forums in search of valuable mentions of the project. At this point, the application allows you to check Reddit and Twitter for articles on the topic. In both cases, we can follow the most popular posts and publications from the platform itself. If necessary, the Coinpapriki tool will direct us directly to specific social platforms.

I also noticed the possibility of adding and tracking industry-related events related to the project. A nice nod to people who like to know what is happening on technological stages in different parts of the world. The calendar itself can be personally modified. The ability to set up events is premoderated. This means that their authenticity is verified by the application. Only after positive consideration and documentation of the event goes to the public version ..

COINS – a mobile wallet and investment tool

The ability to monitor the cryptocurrency market is great application functionality. The heart of Coins, however, is primarily the wallet. The tool allows us to set up many addresses from which we can manage our entire portfolio. The choice of cryptocurrencies for which we can create wallets is extremely wide. In addition to the obvious choices from the top 100 capitalization ranking, we will also find many more niche and functional proposals. The Polish application allows us to create a new wallet, but also to import an existing one thanks to a secure phrase. It is worth adding that the COINS wallet is a non-custodial wallet – it means that the application does not store or pass on our passwords. The entire application is built on the Trust Wallet Core and already at this stage integrates more cryptocurrencies on iOS than this software. Lightning Network enthusiasts will also be unhappy here – COINS does not currently offer this type of transfer in its repertoire. For each newly created wallet, the application creates a new tab that shows our current account balance. The user can freely switch between them and also check the history of transactions made.

Coins application 2

The set of actions that we can take with the use of the portfolio also looks interesting. In addition to sending or receiving a specific cryptocurrency to a given address (yes, of course we can use the QR code for this) Coins also has two important functions from an investment point of view.

The Buy option allows us to purchase cryptocurrency through the application using MoonPay or Bitcan (The Coinpaprika team does not rule out expanding the list of intermediaries in the future). Thanks to this solution, we can buy immediately using a payment card or Blik. The solution is fast, convenient and intuitive. A good solution for people who do not want to engage in stock market technicalities, even if it involves a slightly higher commission fee, which will be equalized for both agents in the coming weeks.

The second option is the option to exchange your cryptocurrency for another. The list is quite long and, as in the case of opening a wallet, there is a lot to choose from if we want to exchange our bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies. It is worth noting that also with this solution we have to take into account quite high transaction costs, operating in the dynamic fee formula (the fee is variable). Still, Coins makes up for it with ease of use.

Transparent aggregate of information

The Polish application focuses primarily on creating a holistic environment for every cryptocurrency user. Therefore, it is also worth paying attention to additional functions that allow much better monitoring of the market. First of all, the Today tab stands out. There we will find information about cryptocurrencies that gained or lost the most in 24 hours. In addition to these simple statistics, Coins also filters information from the world of cryptocurrency and presents the most important articles and publications on specific technology projects.

Coins app 3

The tagging method is also interesting. Each of the projects that has its own tab is tagged. Thanks to the Search tab, we can directly search for the project we are interested in, but also browse the available tags in search of the category that interests us. In this way it is much easier for us to find projects related to minigames, smart contracts or those that work based on a specific algorithm.

In addition, the application has several convenient functions. In addition to launching the liked Dark Mode, we can also create our own contact list. This is a list of addresses with which we most often carry out transactions.

Is it worth installing Coins?

Worth it. First of all, because it is one application that can be used in so many areas. I would recommend it above all to people who need a simple and legible alternative to tracking several different projects in their daily runs. Coins will be great in this respect. It will help you store your cryptocurrencies, make purchases or exchanges, as well as provide information about individual projects and select the most interesting information.

As for the further development of Coins – I would definitely focus on further possibilities of personalizing the settings for a given user. This is quite an interesting direction that I liked when setting up the watchlist. Despite the young age, the Coins app is already a noteworthy item. Personally, I can recommend it without a shadow of a doubt, and wait for further updates.

Link to download the application:
Google Play:
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/coins-one-app-for-crypto/id1475233621

Have fun testing!

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