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December 9, 2022
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Conversation with a scam 2.0 – Bitcoin Radio # 53

Bitcoin Radio is back for the second season. The inaugural episode is another installment of the favorite special episode. A Conversation with a Cheater shows a video of a touter trying to cheat an innocent investor.

Talking to a fraudster and much more …

In the new season of Bitcoin Radio, however, we are not just talking about scammers. As every week, you will find a solid portion of information from the cryptocurrency market.

Giorgio Chiellini made himself an unusual gift by winning the Euro 2020 finals. But that’s not all! The Italian footballer decided to prepare a large list of gifts for his fans. All in the form of NFT tokens. On the Blockasset platform, fans of the European champions can bid on T-shirts for the captain of the Italian national team, phone calls, and photos with autographs. The offer prepared by Chiellini is quite wide and many football lovers will find something for themselves there.

Negative market sentiment are a great opportunity to mine lying cryptocurrencies. Elon Musk took the chance. This time BTC and ETH were hit. The creator of Tesla and Spacex believes that the two top cryptocurrencies are too slow and the only solution to fast transactions is…. no surprise, Dogecoin. It seems, however, that the cryptocurrency market no longer reacts to the billionaire’s behavior – the information did not affect the price.

Bitcoin, however, has found its die-hard fan this week. It is the co-founder of Apple – Steve Wozniak. The engineer claims that Bitcoin is a mathematical wonder that is far superior to gold.

Gold is limited and must be sought. Bitcoin is the most amazing mathematical wonder.

If you’ve been thinking about changing your job or choosing a new career path lately, we have some inspiration for you – mindworkers has prepared a handful of information on what it takes to become a blockchain developer.

Sale Geco.one token

Recently, there is no shortage of new projects on the cryptocurrency market. Today we wanted to draw your attention to one of them. Geco.one is a Polish cryptocurrency exchange specializing in margin trading. This fast-growing platform (USD 20 billion in turnover!) Is just issuing its stock token, which is definitely worth getting interested in. You can find more information here.

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