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November 29, 2022
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Craig Wright fights for copyrights to the BTC white paper –

Craig Wright, who still stubbornly believes he created Bitcoin, has just filed a new lawsuit to establish its alleged copyright on the original cryptocurrency white paper.

Craig Wright: BTC is my work!

The British Supreme Court will allow Wright to open a new case to prove once and for all whether he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright’s lawsuit, led by Ontier LLP’s litigation team, is directed at “Cøbra”, an anonymous entity affiliated with bitcoin.org, the website of which originally published the Bitcoin whitepaper. According to Ontier, Wright is striving for “Maintain its right to protect its legally held digital assets and its reputation as the creator of Bitcoin and related intellectual property.”

Wright’s legal team says Cøbra has repeatedly ignored his requests to remove the BTC white paper from his site.

Bitcoin.org replied on Wright’s initial allegations of copyright infringement in a blog post, dismissing his claims and encouraging others not to remove the BTC whitepaper from their pages.

Portal he also believesthat Wright is abusing the British judicial system:

It seems that [Wright] tries to use British courts to try to censor the white paper [BTC] and harass small websites like ours that provide educational content.

I am Satoshi!

The Australian businessman first declared himself Satoshi back in 2016. Few believed him from the beginning. For example, Gavin Andresen himself, a leading Bitcoin Core developer who received the original whitepaper from Satoshi, initially publicly endorsed Wright’s claim, but quickly changed his mind about it.

Today, most BTC fans mock Wright more than believe that he was the first cryptocurrency in the world. However, it is still unknown who Satoshi was.

At the time of writing, one Bitcoin costs over $ 52.00 USD, which means Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever he is, has a lot of money as he is believed to have mined 1 million BTC.

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