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October 4, 2022
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Crypto Analysis: BTC breaking, ETH testing resistance and BNB at ATH

Crypto Analysis: BTC breaking through…

Bitcoin has just rehearsed an LTB break. Even if this movement has no volume, it is valid not to have pulled back and continued downwards in search of the support zone between $ 29800 and $ 31400.

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If the breakout is confirmed, either with continued upward direction or with volume input, the next target is the next resistance from the previous top of Elon Musk’s tweet at $ 37800.

Crypto Analysis: ETH again tests strong resistance

Ethereum has been sailing an upward trend for some time. Despite Bitcoin’s declines, the price of ETH remains above EMA89 and EMA200.

ETH Crypto Analysis
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Notice how the price is back on the bullish benchmark of LTA and EMA89 and then go up again and test the resistance at $ 1432. The movement suggests the formation of a figure that we call the ascending triangle, it goes up and maintains the upward pattern, hitting the resistance until it bursts.

Bursting this resistance, I expect a strong move to seek $ 1900.

Crypto Analysis: BNB and its newest ATH above $ 52

After breaking through a major resistance at $ 44.8 the BNB flies to reach its ATH at almost $ 53.

Crypto Analysis - BNB ATH
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Note that, unlike Bitcoin, this BNB breakout had a volume well above average. In this case, it is more convincing, so much so that we hit his All Time High (ATH).

Making a Fibonacci projection with the previous funds and tops, a 100% projection has already been reached at $ 49.13. The next target would be to project 161.8% fibo which gives us $ 56.71

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