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October 3, 2022
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Crypto.com: Supercharger BTC, margin trading and preparation for issuing a Visa – card

Crypto.com has a few surprises for you every week. Here is a summary of what has happened on the platform in the last few days.

Supercharger from BTC

Crypto.com announced the launch of the Supercharger a few weeks ago: a simple, flexible and secure liquidity platform for the market’s most popular projects.

Another project that will go to the service is BTC.

Register now at the Crypto.com exchange to take advantage of this option! You can find more information here.

Margin Trading is now available on the Crypto.com Exchange!

Eligible users can borrow virtual ones assets on the Crypto.com exchange to trade them on the spot market. Users can thus access 3x leverage for the BTC / USDT pair. As the company adds, more trading pairs for this service will follow soon.

The ZIL syndicate

Crypto.com is pleased to present another special offer from the syndicate. This time it’s about the ZIL syndicate. This means that you will be able to buy coins with a large discount. The event starts on December 15 on the Crypto.com exchange.

The full timeline of the event is as follows:

The rules of participation are similar to the previous syndicates. Maximum discounted allocation BTC for each participant will depend on stake-ed CRO tokens:

Crypto.com: Supercharger BTC, margin trading and preparation for issuing a Visa - card 22

If the total value of all contributions exceeds the number of tokens intended for the promotion, the allocation for each participant will be calculated according to the following formula:

Crypto.com: Supercharger BTC, margin trading and preparation for issuing a Visa - card 23

You can read more about it in this place.

Crypto.com is getting ready to issue its Australia Visa card

Crypto.com has finalized the acquisition of The Card Group Pty Ltd, thereby obtaining an Australian financial services license for itself. Inside the company, preparations are also underway to issue Crypto.com Visa credit cards in Australia, which is expected to take place already in 2021.

The acquired company, The Card Group Pty Ltd, was described in a Crypto.com press release as specializing in “Prepaid cards and mobile solutions”, which are aimed at “Increasing the involvement of cardholders”. Most importantly, the company had already been approved by the Australian Foreign Investment Council, which paved the way for Crypto.com’s further expansion in the card market.

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