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August 9, 2022
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Crypto.com: Visa carries out USDC transactions, easier tax settlement and much more –

What’s new has happened in the world of Crypto.com? We invite you to read.

Visa trades using the USDC

Crypto.com and Visa successfully completed the first USDC transaction clearing.

NFT Enjin

Crypto.com Capital runs Efinity’s Seed Round, an NFT project run by Enjin.

Settle your taxes with Crypto.com

US Crypto.com customers can now take advantage of the Crypto.com Tax service. It helps in settling accounts with the American tax office. The service supports multiple wallets, exchanges and tax reporting formats. It will be active in other markets soon!

Crypto.com has published the first Visa Crypto.com card user expense report

The key conclusions are clear: there has been a strong overall increase in spending by 55% y / y. This phenomenon is evident for users in 143 countries. In addition, global spending habits have also changed significantly with the pandemic.

Exclusive Crypto.com NFT campaign

All eligible users have the chance to win a share of the $ 50,000 prize pool in the CRO. To participate, trade on the platform with eligible NFT tokens in the Crypto.com App.


Campaign Period: 07:00 March 29 – 00:00 April 12 2021 UTC

(Not available to citizens or residents of the United States, China or Hong Kong)

Crypto.com adds exclusive rewards to its Exchange VIP program

The new awards include: Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team and VIP rates on the derivatives exchange.

Crypto.com Exchange launches CRO Mainnet campaign

All eligible entrants have the chance to win a share of the prize pool ($ 50,000), from which the Tier 1 winner will receive $ 5,000.

Trade CROs on the Crypto.com exchange to be part of the fun.

Campaign Period: 07:00 March 31st 00:00 UTC April 30th 2021 UTC.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is now available on Supercharger

Duration: 16:00 March 29 – 16:00 May 13, 2021 UTC

Prize Distribution Duration: 14:00 May 15 – 14:00 June 29, 2021 UTC

Reward: $ 2,000,000 ENJ

To participate, deposit your CRO at the Crypto.com exchange.

Staking in the Crypto.org Chain Mainnet

Users can migrate ERC20 CRO to native CRO directly in their DeFi wallets with a simple migration tool and earn up to 50% per year. Staking rewards are only available in the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet, not in the / Exchange Crypto.com app.

Crypto.com Pay Checkout now supports Native CRO on the Crypto.org network

Users can now pay native CROs on the Crypto.org network with Crypto.com Pay Checkout and get new benefits from it. You will find details here.

New records!

Crypto.com hit over 1,000,000,000 CROs wagered on the Crypto.org chain on April 1.

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