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June 28, 2022
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Crypto Research Report: we know what whales are investing in besides BTC |

New cryptocurrency market analysis Crypto Research Report from Liechtenstein shows that whales from the digital currency space only buy three tokens from the DeFi market.

Crypto Research Report: What Whales Hunt

Demelza Hays, a former cryptocurrency fund manager, notes that the whales are also investing today in tokens from the decentralized finance market (DeFi). There are three projects in particular: Aave (LEND), Ren (REN) and Kyber Network (KNC). And this despite the fact that these have recently given investors a lot of money.

Over the past 30 days, the balance of the 100 biggest KNC whales increased by a total of 30.6 million KNC [to ok. 48,1 miliona USD w momencie pisania tych słów]. At the same time, the 100 largest LEND whales had accumulated an additional 39.6 million LEND [ok. 10,1 miliona USD w momencie pisania artykułu] to their wallets, while the top 100 REN whales have added [do swoich zasobów] REN 5.3 million [ok. 850 000 USD w momencie pisania] – explains

Hays says the rise in the balance of the 100 biggest whales from the LEND, REN and KNC markets indicates an accumulation while showing just how high investor optimism is.

Retail investors

But it’s not just whales that drive the value of these three DeFi assets. Hays explains that LEND, REN and KNC have also attracted the attention of retail investors.

– Number of addresses with more than 1000 RENs since the beginning of the month [ok. 150 USD w momencie pisania tego artykułu] increased by 550, and the number of addresses with over 1000 LEND [ok. 250 USD w momencie pisania] increased by 817, while the number of addresses with over 100 KNC [ok. 157 USD w momencie pisania tego tekstu] increased by an additional 150 – explains.

As you can see, the DeFi market is slowly growing in strength.

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