December 9, 2022
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Cryptocurrencies for free: Binance offers R$1.6 million for traders and new users

This Thursday (23), the deadline for traders and new users to participate in the Binance promotion that offers a prize of almost R$1.6 million in cryptocurrencies for free ends.

According to Binance promotion regulation, the prize will be divided between new platform users and traders, who will participate in a competition involving trading pairs of up to five Different cryptocurrencies.

In total, the exchange will allocate US$ 50,000, or around R$ 266 thousand, to new investors. Meanwhile, most of the prize money in cryptocurrencies for free will be offered to traders, worth the equivalent of over R$1 million.

Free cryptocurrencies

Binance is offering nearly R$1.6m in a promotion that involves a competition for traders. In total, the 20 investors with the higher trading volume on the platform, will split a prize over R$1 million in free cryptocurrencies.

The first place in the ranking of the competition for traders will receive the highest individual prize in the competition, which corresponds to US$ 30,000 in token coupons, or almost R$ 160,000.

Second, the “Lucky Day” competition created by Binance will award a tradar that will receive US$ 20,000 in cryptocurrencies for free, that is, more than R$100 thousand.

In third place, the investor classified in the exchange ranking will receive a prize of US$ 14 thousand, which is equivalent to approximately R$ 75 thousand. According to the regulation, between first and fifth place Binance will award prizes ranging from US$30,000 to US$10,000.

Meanwhile, the remaining traders ranked between 6th and 20th place must split the total amount of US$104,000, which will be given away as a prize for the Binance promotion.

Award for new users

In addition to contemplating traders in a competition for trading volume, Binance will allocate part of the promotion’s prize to new users. According to the exchange, US$ 50,000 will be divided among 500 new investors of exchange.

Therefore, each one will earn around R$ 530 in cryptocurrencies for free. To be eligible for the prize, the user must trade at least US$2,000 and involving the following pairs:


Binance’s promotion also reserved a share of the prize for large investors. Anyone who trades over $20,000 with the above pairs can earn up to $500.

In this case, the exchange will draw 100 users to receive the prize, which will total $50,000 distributed by the exchange. According to the regulation, the distribution of cryptocurrencies will happen in proportion to the altcoins participating in the promotion.

“Token rewards for winning users will be distributed across multiple tokens as follows: 20% TRX, 20% BTT, 20% WIN, 20% JST and 20% SUN.”

Right after the promotion closes next Thursday (23), Binance will deliver the prize to the winners within two weeks.

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