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June 26, 2022
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“Decrypted”: a black comedy about the creator of Bitcoin is created | Blocksats

A new film is being created, in which the main motif will be, among others Bitcoin. It’s about “Decrypted”. This is a production about Satoshi Nakamoto. From the script it appears that this is a “dark comedy” in which the creator of BTC is kidnapped by the NSA.


A new movie about cryptocurrencies and the creator of Bitcoin, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, is already in production. The film is to be a black comedy, the script was written by Mick Sands and directed by Tom Sands.

Akie Kotabe played the role of the creator of Bitcoin. On the screen we will also see Sophia Myles, David Hoflin, Emilia Fox, Don Gilet and Kevin McNally.

The film is produced by Substantial Films, a small independent company based in Great Britain. Its representatives wrote about the new production:

“We’re currently producing a new movie called Decrypted, a dark comedy set in the world of intelligence agencies.”

However, film production is delayed due to a coronavirus pandemic.


In an interview with Cointelegraph, producer Phil Harris said the film was not just about Satoshi Nakamoto. Apparently, cryptocurrency market experts help him at work. The creators want to best reflect market realities.

The screenwriter, Mick Sands, is also an enthusiast of BTC. The creators are inspired by the mere fact that the existence of Bitcoin is a threat to the US government. Harris adds that Sands is “a little rebel, he was always fascinated by the world of cryptocurrency and wanted to somehow create a movie related to them. ” There is apparently a plot in the story about how the NSA wants to learn from Nakamoto, how BTC can threaten power.

Financing using BTC

Harris also said the movie was financed using cryptocurrencies. According to him, the production will be initially released via blockchain video platforms.

“We wanted this movie to be part of the cryptocurrency revolution in the film industry. So we’re going to let him out for some [blockchainowe] video platforms “

– he said, noting that it is e.g. Livetree, Breaker, Movieschain and Cinezen. However, the filmmaker finally wants to sell his rights to platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The premiere is planned for this year.

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