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October 5, 2022
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Defrosting the economy will last until the end of June – says Minister Emilewicz – Blocksats

Today, many of us wonder when the economy will finally be thawed. In an interview with the Polish Times, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Jadwiga Emilewicz admitted that we would wait for this until the end of June.

Defrosting the economy: more loosening

As you can find out from the Monday issue of the newspaper, the government will soon introduce further loosening of the economy. However, Minister Emilewicz told the Polish Times that if it turned out that the number of cases of coronavirus, however, began to increase rapidly, then “It is possible that we will have to withdraw from some of the loosening.” It is not clear what loosening is involved. It is suggested that shopping centers are to be opened in May.

There is also a debate today about what the market-related charts will look like when the economy is thawed. The Minister openly says that he does not expect a rapid V-shaped rebound. He believes “If that were to be the case, we would already see signs of recovery in the first month of the crisis.”

He maintains his view that the crisis also means an opportunity for companies.

The question is whether Polish entrepreneurs will be able to adapt quickly to new operating conditions and will use these opportunities – she said.

Each epidemic, pandemic or war after its creation creates special conditions. This is of course paid for with a high price, but it kind of equalizes the chances of states, e.g. in development, economic race, creates space for deep reflection and enables reordering the state in many areas – on another occasion argued her party colleague Robert Anacki, associated with the blockchain startup TecraCoin. – It can also be assumed that in this huge tragedy that continues and will have repercussions for many years and even decades, Poland may slightly shorten the distance to those economies that we have been chasing for years.

End of June

Emilewicz added that the baseline scenario of the government still assumes that the entire economy will be thawed at the end of June. It’s just that we can’t treat it as a return to the state before the pandemic broke out.

Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski also spoke about the latter. We are supposed to expect to wear protective masks until the invention of the Wuhan drug or vaccine.

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