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October 4, 2022
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Dogecoin (DOGE) price fell 10% as the retraction continues

Dogecoin technical analysis

Dogecoin’s price fell about 10% as buyers struggle to stay above the $ 0.03 mark. The digital asset lost more than 6% in value yesterday, after the DOGE was traded almost 1,000% above than it was last week.

Hourly chart DOGE (TradingView)

We can see an acceleration in the bearish trend this week, with the first major support located at around $ 0.022. Looking down, we also have $ 0.014, which marks the zone where the previous highs are located. Above, the area around $ 0.035 is now the resistance.

Fundamental analysis: Bitcoin and WallStreetBets have the same goal, according to Max Keizer

Bitcoin supporter Max Keizer said that the much-discussed Reddit WallStreetBets (WSB) forum is similar to Bitcoin, as both seek to take advantage of a corrupt financial system.

WallStreetBets has been one of the most discussed topics on Wall Street in recent weeks. The Reddit community is a group of retail investors who have collectively raised share prices for companies like GameStop and AMC Entertainment, causing hedge funds to lose millions of dollars.

Keizer said that Bitcoin and WSB are much more similar than one might first imagine.

“The idea is to find an exploit in the corrupt system and attack it”, he said.

However, he also pointed out a big difference between the two.

“The reason why WSB, Reddit and SqueezeSilver should focus exclusively on Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is the best and strongest money ever, and once it drops the fiat money and becomes the global standard, we’ll see a permanent social change where banks and the poverty and violence they promote are erased from our lives, ”added Keizer.

Keizer said this will be a step-by-step transformation, given that all roads lead to the main cryptocurrency as the biggest “squeeze in a world swimming in negative interest debt and worthless fiat paper backed by nothing but violence, cheap spectacle and advertising. of celebrity economists ”.

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