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December 5, 2022
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Dogecoin: fans want Walmart to adopt cryptocurrency

Dogecoin fans are collecting signatures to urge US retail giant Walmart to adopt DOGE encryption.

Thanks to a petition that has been online for some time but has recently returned to circulation, cryptocurrency meme fans are asking for the support of other fans to gather up to 2,500 signatures and ask Walmart to accept DOGE as a means of payment in their stores.

“Walmart must accept Dogecoin as an online payment method. Walmart’s goal is to provide customers with low-cost products. If they accept Dogecoin as a new, progressive payment option, it might work to their advantage. This explains that by adding Dogecoin as an accepted cryptocurrency payment option, Walmart would become one of the first mainstream retailers and join a list of stores that is rapidly adapting to meet the needs of modern consumers. Walmart would have an incredible opportunity to be the first traditional retailer to take advantage of digital currency that can provide a no-fee or minimal-fee location to store wealth that can be spent and, if necessary, easily converted to cash. ”

The resurgence of this petition is also happening through fans using other social networks, such as the YouTube Final Stand video “Walmart Dogecoin Acceptance” (with almost 35,000 views in one day) or the various tweets posted on the social crypto-lover.

Dogecoin for Walmart: Why are fans pushing for DOGE adoption?

This return to Dogecoin fan petitions may have its own logic.

In fact, just two days ago, Walmart posted a job ad on its LinkedIn profile about the product lead position for projects related to cryptocurrency and digital currencies.

Walmart’s interest in finding a cryptocurrency expert may have unleashed DOGE’s loyal fans, already accustomed to the support of their favorite cryptocurrency by other giants such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but also recently by different types of collaborations.

We are talking about Dogecoin joining the Premier League as an indirect sponsor of the British football team Watford. Indirect, as the real sponsor would be Stake.com, which earned the right to put the DOGE logo on the sleeves of players’ uniforms.

In addition, at the end of July 2021, even Burger King accepted cryptocurrency as a form of payment in Brazil, albeit for promotional purposes. In fact, the adoption of DOGE was only possible with the purchase of Dogpper’s grilled meat flavored dog biscuits.

In any case, at the time of writing, the petition has already reached 1,750 signatures collected in support of DOGE fans’ request. On the other hand, cryptocurrency ranks seventh in market capitalization, with a dominance of 2.03% of the total outstanding cryptocurrency market capitalization.

On the other hand, the price of DOGE has been falling since last Monday, with a value at the time of writing of almost 30 cents.

Source: cryptonomist

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