December 9, 2022
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eBay is interested in NFT and cryptocurrencies –

E-commerce giant eBay is still reportedly considering introducing cryptocurrency payments. In addition, the company began to be interested in the market of non-exchangeable tokens (NFT). This was confirmed by the corporation’s CEO.

eBay is intrigued by NFT and cryptocurrencies

CEO Jamie Lannone said the above in an interview with CNBC on Monday.

– We will continue to look at other options [płatności]such as cryptocurrencies – he said, but did not specify later when and if the company would finally introduce the BTC purchase option.

As for the NFT, Lannone He saidthat eBay executives “Looks at it [rynkowi] and explores the possibilities on how we can make them [tj. tokeny] easily turn on eBay ”.

NFT on eBay

In fact, NFT NBA Top Shots auctions are now available on eBay. It’s about digital cards with NBA players. It’s something like the equivalents of paper cards with sportsmen, which are cultivated in the USA and were also popular in Poland many years ago.

Current blockchain collectibles, on the other hand, now want to cash in on the growing interest in NFT, so they are eager to invest in these types of tokens and then try to sell them at a profit on the open market.

It is worth adding that NFT is a token model that has also been used in the art market. Using blockchain, it is already confirmed, among others ownership of paintings or sculptures. In addition, well-known musicians also broadcast their NFT, incl. rock band Kings of Leon, legend of thrash metal group Megadeth or Grimes, singer and private life partner of Elon Musk. These musicians created tokens that confirm the ownership of their music or visuals.

Meanwhile, eBay was researching too “Blockchain and cryptocurrency capabilities”. The giant has been doing this at least since 2019, when it joined Facebook’s Libra (currently – Diem) project.

“Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will inevitably change the way people connect and pave the way to redefine trading” – the company said at the time.

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