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October 4, 2022
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Elon Musk has his NFT token –

Elon Musk is probably in the blockchain market for good. Now it has issued its NFT token. He informed about this on Twitter.

Elon Musk with his NFT

Musk posted a video on Twitter that features the animated golden trophy. They were adorned with the words “vanity trophy”, “HODL” and “computers never sleep”. A song is heard in the background. The whole thing is an NFT token and is intended for sale.

The tweet itself appeared on the platform Valuables, where fans of Tesla’s boss can submit bids for him … to buy.

Where did the idea to sell NFT come from? Probably Musk is fooling around again or he decided to follow the path of his life partner – vocalist Grimes. In early March, she unveiled her digital art collection called “WarNymph” online. It has already earned over $ 5.8 million in sales.

The title WarNymph is a child that, as the artist claims, she represents “The state of infinite infancy, in which he sheds his old skin of corruption” and “Fights against the destructive power of outdated ideas and systemic decay that threatens the future.”

NFT fashion

It is worth noting that NFTs are becoming an increasingly popular model for selling rights to works of art. In addition to Grimes, this model was used, for example, by the Kings of Leon band, which also released a new album in the form of tokens. The latter contained rights to files with the group’s latest music, but also other privileges. Fans who bought one of the three types of NFT will now have, among others rights to better seats at the band’s concerts.

A few days ago, another famous musician from the electronic scene, Aphex Twin, also released his own NFT. The token appeared on a special platformwhere auctions of works by individual artists are held.


It is worth adding that in the case of Musk, NFT can be a joke. The businessman is famous for his strange sense of humor. He recently proclaimed himself… Tesla’s techno-king. The relevant documents regarding the change of position in the company were sent to the SEC. It was stated in them that Musk is no longer the CEO, but the techno-king. In turn, the chief financial officer, Zack Kirhorn, became … senior over the coin. This is an obvious reference to “Game of Thrones”. In the world of George R. R. Martin, that was the name of the advisor to the ruler who managed the finances of the country.

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