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June 26, 2022
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Elon Musk: I’m not building anything based on Ethereum | Blocksats

Elon Musk has long aroused interest in the cryptocurrency environment. With unclear reasons, many investors on the BTC market are waiting for the creator of Tesla to invest in digital currencies. Last week, the famous businessman only admitted that … has nothing to do with Ethereum.

Elon Musk on Ethereum

Let’s start from the beginning. Almost a year ago, Twitter post was posted by William Shatner (yes, this is the famous Canadian actor who became famous in the role of “Star Trek”). He suggested (half-jokingly, semi-seriously) that Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk should consider building a platform based on Ethereum.

Then, in May 2019, none of the most interested responded. But now Musk finally reacted.

As you can see, the head of Tesla clearly wrote that he is still not building anything based on the popular platform for smart-contracts. He added, however, that this does not mean that he is an opponent of Ethereum. It just doesn’t take advantage of this new technology.

Homeless scam hero

Musk has long been arousing emotions on the market. First, many scams were based on his fake accounts. The fraudsters set up profiles that suggested that Tesla’s CEO was behind them, and then persuaded naive Internet users to send them funds at BTC. In response, they were supposed to send a few times more cryptocurrencies. As you could easily guess, it was just a simple recruitment. It turned out, however, that some people fell for it. Why? Maybe the reason was that Musk looks a little crazy who would be able to do something so strange.

Musk also once admitted that he would like to be the CEO of DogeCoin – a controversial cryptocurrency project that arose as a joke and the answer has a “piese” meme.

In addition, the eccentric businessman recently announced that he was selling all his physical assets, including home. Then many BTC investors dreamed that he would buy cryptocurrency for such acquired funds.

Musk itself, however, already has cryptocurrencies, but apparently it is only 0.25 BTC. A little bit for a billionaire …

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