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October 4, 2022
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Elon Musk: my NFT is no longer for sale –

Elon Musk changed his mind. He doesn’t want to sell the NFT token he issued a few days ago. What happened? Was it really just a strange joke of a businessman from the beginning?

Elon Musk does not want to sell his NFT

I am selling this NFT song as NFT

– advertised his NFT Musk token literally two days ago.

There is a golden trophy on the visualization for sale. They were adorned with the words “vanity trophy”, “HODL” and “computers never sleep”. A song is heard in the background. The whole thing is an NFT token and was originally intended for sale.

Just 24 hours later, the billionaire and founder of Tesla revealed that he would not sell a digital artwork after all.

I don’t actually feel good selling it

– he said.

Interestingly, before Musk changed his mind, the NFT was in great demand. Investors wanted to pay a lot of money for the token. At least eight bidders wanted to spend min. $ 100,000.

The CEO of the public Tron system, Bridge Oracle, Hakan Estavi, submitted the highest bid. He suggested that he would pay as much as 625.64 ETH for the NFT, or roughly $ 1.12 million.

Earlier this month, Estavi also made an offer worth $ 600,000 per tweet “I’m just setting up my twttr “which belonged to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The latter, however, also received an offer worth $ 2.5 million.

NFT in the Musk family and more

Musk’s change of mind and his idea to create his NFT token comes weeks after his life partner, singer Grimes, sold her NFT for $ 6 million.

In addition to Grimes, the Kings of Leon team has recently used this token issuance model. The tokens contained rights to files with the group’s latest music, but also other privileges. Fans who bought NFT will now have, among others the right to better seats at the band’s concerts.

A few days ago, another famous musician from the electronic scene, Aphex Twin, also released his own NFT. The token appeared on a special platformwhere auctions of works by individual artists are held.

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