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October 2, 2022
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Elon Musk: “only a fool” does not want to invest in alternative assets –

Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes that today – in the age of negative interest rates – “only a fool “ he would ignore opportunities to invest in alternative assets. However, he stressed that he is not necessarily such a big fan of BTC as many cryptocurrency supporters now believe.

Today it’s time for alternative assets!

February 19, Musk he replied on Twitter to a comment from Binance CEO Changepeng Zhao (CZ) to Bloomberg. In the video, CZ spoke about the interest of Tesla CEO Dogecoin.

Musk replied, however, that it was now “Only a fool” does not look for investment opportunities in alternative assets. He cited the current – in practice zero – interest rates as the reason.

Musk Supports BTC? Not necessarily …

During the interview, CZ also hinted that Tesla’s recent decision to invest $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) probably testifies to Musk’s deep support for cryptocurrencies.

Sam Musk he replied however, that is not necessarily the case.

– Tesla’s actions do not directly reflect my opinion. Owning Bitcoin, which is just a less silly form of liquidity than cash, is quite risky for an S & P500 company – he wrote.

But Musk continued to emphasize that it would be foolish not to look for alternative ways to invest now. Especially now, when banks often offer negative interest rates.

– Bitcoin is almost the same as fiat money. The key word is “almost” – added.

One tweet that rules the market

Some people believe that one tweet of Elon Musk today may make a given cryptocurrency much more important. Earlier, he somehow caused the main cryptocurrency to shoot up after he entered the word … “Bitcoin” in his description on Twitter. Then there was the fact that Tesla bought cryptocurrencies and a message that the company was even considering allowing its customers to buy cars with digital currencies.

Musk himself actually has a strange weakness for DOGE. He once wrote that he would like to be the CEO of the project, and another time he described DOGE as “People’s cryptocurrency.” However, knowing the specific sense of humor of the Tesla creator, it can be assumed that some of these entries are jokes that investors may over-interpret.

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