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October 3, 2022
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Elon Musk wants to launch Marscoin, but it already exists

Elon Musk may soon launch his own cryptocurrency, Marscoin. This was confirmed by Tesla’s founder and CEO during a conversation on Twitter with Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao.

The exchange of tweets stems from the discussion generated by Elon Musk himself when he invited Dogecoin’s whales to sell two DOGE a few days ago. A user commented so:

“Develop a new #ElonCoin, offer it to existing dogecoin holders. You would not need to pay to make the biggest dogecoin holders richer than they already are and allocate your time and support to make ElonCoin the currency of the Earth ”.

Elon Musk replied:

“Only if necessary”.

That’s where CZ came in, arguing that not only is it necessary, but that it could be called Marscoin, not ElonCoin. The answer:

“There will definitely be a MarsCoin!”

At that point, CZ asked that it be a utility token and not a title, so that exchanges could list it. The joke seems to be a clear reference to XRP’s legal problems with the SEC.

Marscoin, Elon’s currency already exists

Some time ago, Musk started talking about the Marscoin, the currency of the Mars economy. It is no secret that Tesla’s founder is planning to land and colonize the red planet. For his economy, he thought of a cryptocurrency, which he called Marscoin.

However, he will likely have to change the name of the currency because there is already a Marscoin and, driven by Elon Musk’s tweets, is gaining almost 1000% in the past few days.

Rank 592 in CoinMarketCap (at the time this article was being written), it is currently trading at 89 cents and, since yesterday, has multiplied its value by 10 times.

Although CoinMarketCap has warned that this Marscoin (MARS) is not linked to Elon Musk, its price and volumes, which have been stable until now, have skyrocketed since yesterday. According to his official site, was born in 2013 and, like Elon Musk’s project, his dream is to be the currency of space, but, meanwhile, he intends to decentralize the terrestrial economy.

At the moment, however, it is only listed on a handful of exchanges. Perhaps Elon Musk officially sponsors him, just as he has in recent years with Dogecoin.

Source: cryptonomist

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