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June 28, 2022
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English Premier League team presents Dogecoin for season 2021-22

For the first time, Watford FC will participate in the league that moves the most money in world football, and the initiative to stamp the cryptocurrency is part of an agreement with the company Stake.com

What was a joke in 2013 got pretty serious this past August: the dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that started as a meme, stamped the shirt sleeves of one of the Premier League (English Championship) teams in the 2021-2022 season. Players at Watford Football Club, an English club based in Watford, Hertfordshire, are wearing the coin logo created from a dog meme.

For the first time, Watford FC will participate in the world’s biggest money-moving league in football, and the cryptocurrency stamping initiative is part of an agreement with Stake.com, a global crypto casino and sports betting platform.

For those who gamble and bet, the company accepts payment in cryptocurrencies, but there are many other options on the market, including for Brazilian sports lovers who like to make a feat. In addition to the credit card and deposit, there are even credit cards. bets that accept astropay, a popular payment method as it does not require a bank account and does not expose the depositor’s details.

In the case of online platforms that accept astropay, it is possible to bet with the prepaid card, which works in the same way as a normal card, and take advantage of the speed of technology, which allows instant compensations.

a million in the vault

For Watford, the partnership with Stake means a partnership of nearly a million dollars. An English publication made the announcement:

“Watford’s shirt sleeve sponsor for the 2021-22 season will be the cryptocurrency dogecoin […] The deal – a collaboration with major T-shirt sponsors Stake.com – will be worth around $970,000 to Premier League newcomers.”

Furthermore, the partnership could even break the previous deal with bitcoin if it gains global strength. This is because, before entering into a contract with the company, Watford FC had signed an agreement with Sportsbet.io in 2019. This one asked that, during the 2019/20 season of the Premier League, players wore the Sportsbet.io brand on the front of their shirt, as well as an image representing bitcoin.

Still according to the ad:

“To celebrate the beginning of the partnership, Stake will carry out crypto-themed initiatives, including an offer of 10 million dogecoin on its international platform.”

The chosen currency works similarly to others that use blockchain technology. Despite having emerged as a joke, this year the dogecoin soared in price, rising by 14,000%, which brought it into the spotlight.

The reason for this was a tweet published by billionaire Elon Musk, in which he supported its use, stating that it would be a cheaper alternative for newcomers to the world of cryptoactives.

Criminalization of cryptocurrencies in China

And despite this growing popularity of cryptos around the world, such as dogecoin, the China does not like this technology very much and recently announced the criminalization of all transactions related to cryptocurrencies. This Friday (24), the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) declared that these transactions would include services such as trading in digital goods and derivatives.

However, this is nothing new as the Chinese government has banned bitcoin numerous times in the past. According to Meltem Demirors, head of strategy at CoinShares.

“This must be the twentieth time that China has banned bitcoin. There is always something ‘differentIt’s about bans, but it happens all the time, and it’s never really something very dramatic in the grand scheme.”

Despite this, bitcoin dropped 5.5% the same day after the announcement of the new directive, a problem that was exacerbated by the debt crisis at Chinese property developer Evergrande. With that, Vijay Ayyar, regional head of the Luno cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore, said that although the statement about cryptos has been repeated several times, it is

“a slightly nervous environment for cryptocurrencies with recent SEC comments and macro environment with Evergrande news. Therefore, any comment of this nature will cause a sale of risky assets”.

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