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November 29, 2022
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Ethereum 2.0: Recent Update Brings Network Closer to Consensus Exchange

It could be that the network update will be the last one received by Beacon Chain, paving the way for the next version.

O Ethereum received the “Altair” update on its main network this morning (27). With this, improvements were implemented in the Beacon Chain, a chain of blocks that is being prepared for the long-awaited update of Ethereum 2.0.

The release of Ethereum 2.0 is scheduled for next year. However, after years of delay, it is best not to sow too much hope. One of the main changes for the future release will be to phase out the PoW (Proof-Of-Work) mining model and replace it with PoS (Proof-Of-Stake).

In addition, the “Altair” update made available an update to support simplified clients (light clients), as well as other minor features aimed at increasing the incentive for nodes running on a network.

Second Lion, core developer of the next version of Ethereum:

“Ethereum’s Beacon Chain has been successfully forked to Altair. No problems and with great participation(…). A new era begins today.”

preparing the ground

The “Altair” is very important for the evolution of Ethereum, as it serves as a basis for receiving the big update that is to come.

Roughly speaking, the code bases entered by the developers in this update will be refined over the months to make adjustments.

The Beacon Chain is a network participation proof chain, implemented in parallel to the Proof-Of-Work chain. This means that, at the current time, users are not able to staking out coins. The checkout functionality will be implemented as soon as Ethereum 2.0 is implemented.

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