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December 9, 2022
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Ethereum-based game allows users to earn “real gold” |

Axie Infinity, an Ethereum-based game inspired by Pokemon that allows players to collect and fight cute creatures, has now added something potentially even more enticing to entertainment than cute beasts: real gold.

Actually, it is not real gold, but tokens whose value is backed by real gold. The developers of the Ethereum-based game have partnered with Digix to introduce special Axie-DGX tokens into the game, which can be collected and exchanged for Digix’s native gold-backed DGX tokens (one DGX equals one gram of gold).

Gold season

From now until August 2, the Season of Gold campaign will provide players with new Axie-DGX tokens worth $ 1,500 through random drops. Axie-DGX tokens can be exchanged at a rate of 100,000 Axie-DGX tokens for one DGX token. At this point, one DGX costs around $ 57, according to CoinGecko.

“This initiative takes the Play and Earn system to new heights. For the first time, players can earn real gold simply by playing the game. User-oriented experiments that benefit and reward users are key to the further development of blockchain technology. ”

Axie Infinity Co-Founder and COO Alexander Leonsard Larsen said.

Additionally, both companies have partnered with Bullionix to create a gold-backed NFT token that will be used during a promotion called “Commemorative Golden Ax Coin”. The coins can be bought for 0.35 DGX, of which 0.25 will be staked and the remaining 0.10 is the token issuance fee. There is no limit to the amount of “Golden Ax Tokens” you can create, but they will only be available until August 2.

“This partnership with Axie Infinity is not only a milestone for Digix, but also for the development of digital gold, highlighting its advantages in many industries, including the computer games industry. By providing in-game currency that is backed by gold, time-tested and safe assets, we remain committed to our vision of democratizing access to gold and continuing to showcase innovative uses of digital gold. ”

Said Digix co-founder and COO Shaun Djie.

Recently, Axie Infinity saw a surge in the price of its Small Love Potion (SLP) token, which is used to breed Axie creatures. According to EthereumPrice, the ERC-20 token grew by over 5,000%, thanks in large part to a thread on the anonymous 4chan forum.

Currently, the SLP price is down to around $ 0.019, or 92% from the June 8 peak. It is still 502% higher than the ATL that took place just a month ago.

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