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October 5, 2022
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Ethereum better than BTC? – Bitcoin Radio # 41 –

Ethereum has hit the new ATH this week. The second-largest cryptocurrency is another pricing success, but the popularity of Binance Coin this week is the biggest topic. The cryptocurrency of the world’s largest stock exchange surprised everyone with an increase of over 100% in just a few days.

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Ethereum better than BTC

Why should Ethereum be better than BTC? Mark Cuban answered this question. In his opinion, the possibilities offered by Ethereum, and especially the way they are applied, surpass Bitcoin, which has become basically … just a good tool for storing value. In addition, smart contracts and the endless possibilities of using ETH convince Cuban that it is the Buterina project that has a chance to dominate the cryptocurrency market.

What may indirectly indicate a weakening of Bitcoin’s position? The weakening of its market dominance. BTC currently only has 54% dominance in the cryptocurrency market. This is the lowest level for several years. Nevertheless, this is still far from the 33% that we could see at the beginning of 2018.

The NFT are still popular. This week we heard about more premieres in this area. Two items are primarily striking – Marvel and WWE. WWE is a leading Sports Entertainment organization in the world. More specifically, they are involved in wrestling. WWE aired the commemorative NFT as video clips with the actions of one of the most popular wrestlers – the Undertaker. As for Marvel – here it is only about rumors. On one of the websites related to the Universum, there was information about the art exhibition being organized – does it mean that it will be related to the NFT?

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