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October 4, 2022
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Eurostat: inflation in Poland is the highest in the EU –

At the time when the Central Statistical Office informs us about inflation in Poland at the level of 2.7 percent, Eurostat calculated that our prices are rising by 3.6 percent. per year. What is worth adding, we are record holders in this respect. There is no such high inflation in any other country in the European Union.

Eurostat calculated inflation in Poland

From this year on, we will pay more for electricity in Poland, which may raise the prices of products and services. Additionally, the government introduced a sugar tax, which additionally led to a jump in the prices of, for example, sweetened beverages. However, the Central Statistical Office claims that prices increased by only 2.7 percent on average. compared to January 2020. It turns out that inflation may be higher, however.

Optimists may be surprised by the new data presented by Eurostat. The European counterpart of the Central Statistical Office calculated the scale of the jump in prices on the basis of a slightly different comparative base. It turned out that we have inflation in Poland at the level of 3.6 percent. And this is very bad news, as it means an acceleration in price growth compared to December, when inflation was 3.4%. per year.

It is worth noting that in the vast majority of countries, January brought higher inflation indicators. The EU average increased from 0.3 to 1.2%, and in the countries using the euro, deflation ended (the indicator was still in December 0.3% in the negative)

– analyzes the results money.pl.

A shameful record

In addition, it turns out that Poland is still the infamous leader when it comes to inflation in the EU. The second country with the highest price increases is Hungary. Inflation in my brothers is 0.7 percentage points. percent lower. The podium is still closed by the Czech Republic, where prices increased by 2.2 percent.

How is the rest of the community doing? For example, in Croatia, Lithuania or Portugal, prices are on average at the level of the previous year. In addition, the ranking includes economies where it is even cheaper than the year before. The phenomenon concerns such countries as: Ireland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Cyprus, Slovenia and Greece.

Worse still, the MPC says it is considering an interest rate cut. As a result, inflation may start to rise even more. It is true that the idea can stimulate exports, but it is a pity for the content of our shopping carts.

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