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December 9, 2022
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Faraland’s promises rewarding and profitable gameplay

Acting as a platform where partners can distribute their tokens in-game, Faraland gives players the opportunity to earn tokens from other projects while interacting with the game.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Play-to-earn (P2E), games are all the rage these days. They combine games, NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) in an entertainment package where players are rewarded with financial incentives to have fun and are becoming extremely popular in both the crypto and gaming communities, with this Faraland’s promises rewarding and profitable gameplay.

NFT metaverse Faraland is fast becoming one of the most profitable games in this growing sector of P2E. Gameplay in Faraland promises to provide an addictive and thrilling experience, and the rewards for playing are hard to ignore.

Battles with collectable heroes to win crypto in metaverse RPG

faraland launched its NFT Heroes series earlier this year, featuring humans, orcs, angels, demons, dragonborn, elves and fairies. Each of these races can be trained, equipped, and eventually led into battle to increase or decrease its value by winning or losing duels with other players’ heroes.

On August 17th, Binance NFT Marketplace listed 10,081 Faraland Mysterious Boxes filled with weapons and items of assorted rarities, and they all sold out in one minute. There is now a $2 million trade volume for these Faraland NFTs in the Binance NFT secondary market, and that number will likely increase as the project releases more resources and gameplay to create a fully playable RPG metaverse.

Faraland’s world map is still months away from release (due to Q1 2022), but Faraland’s NFT heroes are already seeing prices skyrocket. An NFT Hero was sold for 200 BNB, or about $98,000 at the time of writing.

Part of that impetus is due to Faraland’s approach to partnerships, which focuses on integrating partners into the game and rewarding users with each respective partner token. This helps to attract new users from other communities, such as Lightning Box, to jointly enhance this new blockchain metaverse.

Faraland wins the Smart Chain MVB II binance: the NFTs big bang

Faraland has won over 500 qualified NFT and DeFi projects to be selected as the second time winner of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Most Valuable Builder (MVB). Faraland’s metaverse joined nine other NFT-focused projects at the BSC that were considered the most popular, safe and innovative participants in the second iteration of these MVB contests, titled The Big Bang of NFTs.

Winning this competition earned Faraland a $10,000 grant, a full security audit (Faraland was audited by both Certik and MoonPool), and the opportunity to receive direct funding from Binance, as well as a listing for Faraland’s FaraCrystal token ( FARA) in the Binance Innovation Zone. FARA received an extremely low risk score of 96 for Secure Solidity (considered one of the cleanest encoded tokens coming out of the BSC), and Certik also awarded 93 points to FARA.

FARA experienced an explosive price increase during mid-July, shooting almost 700% to the moon in just one week. In addition to its monetary value, FARA can be used to enhance NFT heroes on the Faraland platform, making FARA a truly useful utility token for those who are serious about playing their NFTs.

Players can win by playing in a variety of ways.

It has been argued that P2E games are the catalyst for the current stage of the cryptoactive bull market. It is also estimated that the video game industry will reach close to $140 billion in revenue by the end of 2021.

By adding the expansion sphere of NFTs and DeFi to the game’s equation, experts may have to tweak the initial 2021 estimate a bit more, and much of that extra revenue will no doubt end up in players’ pockets.

When it comes to stuffing players’ pockets, Faraland is proving to be more than just a regular P2E game. Acting as a platform where members can distribute their tokens in-game, Faraland gives players the opportunity to earn tokens from other projects while interacting with the game. This brings a new level of DeFi-friendly gameplay to the P2E world.

From both a gaming and DeFi perspective, there’s a lot to like about Faraland.

Faraland NFTs are highly sought after and their value is closely tied to gameplay, where players struggle to keep – real money is put into play when a hero wins or loses – and as the project expands into more and more partnerships, Farland himself becomes makes it more tightly interwoven into the DeFi community, making this game a truly DeFi-integrated NFT metaverse.

Source: Coinspeaker

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