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August 9, 2022
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Find out how the best invest! Free Invest Cuffs 2021 conference this week. –

We are only a few days away from one of the largest investment industry events in this part of Europe. On April 14-18, 2021, the next edition of the Invest Cuffs Conference and Fair will take place. It will be the seventh edition of the event, which annually attracts several thousand participants, having the opportunity to listen to lectures conducted by over 100 experts from the stock, currency, raw materials, cryptocurrencies, investment funds, real estate and alternative investments markets.

A living legend of Wall Street virtually in Poland

One of the foreign guests of this year’s edition of the Invest Cuffs conference will be Jack Schwager, a recognized expert in the futures and hedge funds industry. He is also the author of many books, of which the series “Market Wizards”, in which he conducted interviews with great legends of trading, was particularly successful.

Their participation in the event was also confirmed by, inter alia,

Izabela Kozakiewicz, which in 2016 was chosen by parkiet.com among the TOP10 women in the financial industry.
Wojciech Orzechowski, Businessman, Investor, Developer, Rentier, Mentor, Author of books. Creator of Real Estate Investing Workshops.
Trader21, the author of the Independettrader blog, whose articles are read by 60,000 people, and their reprints appear on the pages of many websites presenting an alternative view of the world of finance.
Jacek Kubrak, an experienced investor who cooperated with investment companies, creating the financial structures of acquisitions and implementing interdisciplinary consulting and management projects focused on increasing the market value of enterprises based on a change in the approach to innovation and the implementation of new technologies.
Sylwester Suszek, CEO of BitBay, the largest digital currency exchange in Central and Eastern Europe and the third largest in Europe.
Ludwik Sobolewski, former president of the management board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Rafał Glinicki, who in 2016 received the status of an Honorary Member of the Association of Individual Investors. He has experience supported by many years of practice in trading and is a two-time winner of the top ten in the “World Top Investor” competition.
Mieczysław Siudekwho was the only Pole to learn geometry directly from Bryce Gilmore.
Paul Albrecht, a real estate investor who made his first million at the age of 26.
Maciej Bombol, director of the primary market department at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and member of the supervisory board of GPW Ventures ASI S.A.

In addition, the event will also be attended by the presidents of many companies whose shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, including:

  • Krzysztof Kostowski, president of PlayWay;
  • Michał Stanek, president of the board of QValue and president of the Association of Independent Financial Institutions;
  • Mateusz Precześniak, president of the board of Movie Games;
  • Marek Parzyński, president and co-founder of Games Incubator and PWay;
  • Kamil Gemra, managing partner at InnerValue and member of the supervisory board of MovieGames S.A .;
  • Tomasz Mazur, CEO of Forestlight Games;
  • Dawid Zieliński, founder and president of Columbus Energy;
  • Jerzy Kasprzak, vice president of the management board of Q Securities;
  • Paweł Śliwiński, president of the board of INC;
  • Maciej Górski, country head Poland at Photon Energy Group;
  • Michał Kaczmarek, CEO of Live Motion Games;
  • Juliusz Mićko, CEO of Vixa Games

The group of speakers and panelists will also include excellent economists such as:

  • dr Adam Czyżewski, chief economist at PKN Orlen;
  • Ernest Pytlarczyk, chief economist of Bank Pekao;
  • Piotr Kozłowski, director of the Pekao Brokerage House;
  • Marcin Żółtek, vice president of the management board of TFI PZU;
  • Rafał Sadoch, Chief FX / OTC Analyst at mBank;
  • Dr. Wojciech Świder from the Department of Public Finance at the University of Economics in Poznań;
  • Grzegorz Zalewski, expert of Dom Maklerski BOŚ;
  • Przemysław Kwiecień, Ph.D., chief economist of X-Trade Brokers;
  • Marek Rogalski, Chief Currency Analyst at Dom Maklerski Banku Ochrony Środowiska;
  • Daniel Kostecki, Conotoxia Principal Analyst;
  • Konrad Białas, chief economist of TMS Brokers;
  • Mateusz Mucha, the BETA ETF asset manager at AgioFunds FTI;
  • Maciej Borkowski, director of the investment analysis office at the Pekao Brokerage House;
  • Marek Straszak, Investment Director for Asset Management and Investment Advisory at Generali Investments TFI

Virtual Congress

Due to the restrictions introduced and the ban on the organization of mass events, this year’s edition of Invest Cuffs will take place in the form of e-fairs and e-conferences. Especially for this occasion, the Invest Cuffs foundation has prepared a virtual congress center, which has been divided into general zones and thematic zones to easily reach exhibitors offering the most interesting content.
More information on Invest Cuffs 2021, including a full list of speakers and exhibitors and detailed agenda and registration form to the VOD website, where this year’s edition of the conference will be broadcast and containing recordings of lectures from previous years, you can find at official website of the event.

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