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October 4, 2022
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Forbes: ETH could surpass Bitcoin –

Forbes” thinks “Despite the recent success of Bitcoin (BTC) [dot. jego ceny], some are concerned that the central bank’s digital currencies (CBDCs) could be “cryptocurrencies” for Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies “. As the portal adds, this will mean a chance for Ethereum (ETH) and the DeFi market. ETH is to create its own economy, the core of which will be blockchain technology.

Forbes bets on ETH?

– Bitcoin is the most discussed cryptocurrency [w mediach]but this Ethereum has more features and is more flexible – say Bank of America analysts in the report “Bitcoin’s Dirty Little Secrets”.

However, the same document referred to CBDC as “Kryptonite for cryptocurrencies”. In turn, the DeFi projects and the Ethereum technology were characterized as “Intrigue”.

In fact, governments around the world are starting to work on their digital currencies. Their emissions may make the authorities want to hit BTC, which may be considered competition for e.g. the digital yuan.

However, Bank of America analysts say that the potential threat to Bitcoin is an opportunity for DeFi. This phenomenon “Shows the power of Ethereum; its computing capacity is essential for [tworzenia] DeFi App “.

Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin?

Ryan Watkins, an analyst at cryptocurrency research firm Messari, said this week that he believes Ethereum could eventually outperform Bitcoin – even if not in terms of price, then in terms of network security.

– I think the transition to Ethereum 2.0 and Proof-of-Stake [oznacza, że ] Ethereum may actually be safer than Bitcoin –Watkins said in an interview with Fintech Today.

As Forbes adds, “As part of the transition to Ethereum 2.0 that began late last year, the July update will destroy (or “burn”) some ethernet tokens and users will be sending the fee to the network itself instead of to the miners who maintain it. “

– The way Ethereum is becoming money is not that it has been adopted by countries as a currency; the way it becomes money is by building its own economy Watkins added, pointing to DeFi’s growing popularity.

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