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August 9, 2022
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Founder of Morgan Creek Digital: It’s not Bitcoin that’s manipulated, but Wall Street! –

The founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, claims that Bitcoin is currently the strongest asset in the financial market and at the same time a safe haven during the crisis. He describes the cryptocurrency as a “predator”. He added that it is not BTC that is a manipulated market, but a traditional exchange.

Founder of Morgan Creek Digital: BTC is the best asset today

In an interview with CNBC Pompliano said that for companies managing large funds, Bitcoin is the best possible asset to generate significant growth during the crisis.

Look, Bitcoin is the biggest predator of the financial markets. (…) If you are sitting and managing your assets, you have cash on your balance sheet, tell me where else are you going to invest it, where you can get this type of growth [jak na rynku BTC] – He said.

He added that the cryptocurrency is currently benefiting from the monetary policy pursued by central banks and governments.

We print an unprecedented amount of money, so [inwestorzy] they are looking for a safe haven and Bitcoin is the best predator (…) is the answer [na kryzys] – stated.

What is being manipulated here?

Referring to the claim that Bitcoin is manipulated in terms of price, he replied that in fact the exchange is the best example of a manipulated market. He underscored the tendency of the Federal Reserve to stimulate Wall Street every time the trading floor lacks the means to pump equity valuations.

– We have the Federal Reserve and officials who have banned the bear market. If you are in the stock market and the market starts a correction, they step in and just pump liquidity onto the trading floor. This is crazy. If you want to talk about a manipulated market, let’s talk about the stock market… We cannot have markets that are not in correction. What we are seeing is that investors now want to find assets to invest in. Unmanaged, transparent and automated assets. Bitcoin serves this purpose – emphasized the advantages of BTC.

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