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October 2, 2022
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Fraudsters pretend to be Polish cryptocurrency media. They want to extort bitcoins! –

The rapid increase in the price of bitcoin (BTC) by over 300% over the last 5 months has caused the activity in the cryptocurrency market to be increased by dishonest entities and people who are trying to extort cryptocurrencies from Internet users. In 2021, fraudsters targeted popular Polish cryptocurrency portals, impersonating them and trying to steal bitcoin (BTC) from unaware users. Therefore, the portals , BitHub.pl and Comparic.pl issued a joint warning addressed to their readers, at the same time emphasizing that they have nothing to do with this practice.

Scammers promise free bitcoins. Don’t be fooled!

There are profiles on the Facebook social network that are confusingly similar to the official websites of , BitHub.pl and Comparic.pl. However, they do not contain any content, and their administrators post comments on official Facebook posts, offering free bitcoins in exchange for transferring a certain amount to the address provided. The posts show that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the administrator of the indicated portal wants to support the local community and distributes bitcoins from the 40 BTC pool to all those who transfer from 0.02 BTC to 1 BTC to the indicated address. In return, they are to receive three times their initial transfer. Therefore, fraudsters use the popular, but still dangerous, scam, in which they offer bonus funds for making a transfer. The return, however, never occurs, and users usually lose their transferred cryptocurrencies irretrievably.

The , BitHub.pl and Comparic.pl portals want to warn against the actions of dishonest entities and make it clear that they have nothing to do with their activities. Never in the past have they conducted or intend to conduct similar bonus campaigns, asking their Readers to be especially careful and report such practices. Facebook has already been made aware of the abuse, which should result in the removal of the fraudsters’ accounts.

A few words of comment

In the face of rising cryptocurrency prices, one must not forget about the usual caution that everyone – whether a beginner or an experienced investor should follow. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency boom encourages various types of fraudsters who, by impersonating the profiles of portals and news websites, try to persuade supporters of digital assets to, for example, send funds to the indicated address with a promise of e.g. a 3-fold return. I warn and observe. Never do that. Nothing is for free in this world. If someone sends active digital addresses to the addresses indicated in the scammer comments, they will certainly not get them back. Be careful! – warns Maciej Kosior, editor
editor-in-chief of BitHub.pl.

An example post published in the comments to the entries of the Comparic.pl portal on Facebook, encouraging you to transfer bitcoins to the indicated address.

Source: Facebook

There have always been scammers in the cryptocurrency market, but the scale of their operation in recent months has definitely increased – as has the BTC rate. From the beginning of the website, we warn against criminals who prey on unaware, novice users. I recommend that you read the articles in which we presented the most popular scam schemes. It is worth being aware of them, also to warn your relatives and people around you who are just starting their adventure with cryptocurrencies.

– says Paweł Bińkowski, editor-in-chief of .

A post with identical content, however, published by scammers impersonating this time.

scam comment fb

Cryptocurrency scammers often use a bonus campaign by using the characters of celebrities or famous people in the cryptocurrency industry to build trust. This time, they decided to take advantage of the image and trust that Polish investors build on the websites Comparic.pl, BitHub.pl and . As Comparic.pl, we completely cut off from this type of practice, warn our readers about them and take steps to limit the fraudulent activity of fraudsters at our expense.

– comments Marcin Wenus, editor-in-chief of Comparic.pl.

If you have noticed similar unfair practices, please contact us by e-mail:
redakcja@comparic.pl, pawel.binkowski@, redakcja@bithub.pl.

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