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November 29, 2022
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Fully passive property rental income –

For years, real estate has remained an asset valued among investors, ensuring a stable capital investment. Like every market, this one also has ups and downs, but looking at historical data, it is easy to see a long-term upward trend.

Change in real estate prices per sq m in Poland. Source: https://stat.gov.pl/

In addition to securing capital, real estate has a great potential to multiply the value of invested funds. However, it is worth remembering that investments in premises for rent are not without risks. Unclear legal status, hidden flaws in an apartment, or inadequate tenants can significantly reduce the income from renting a property. You also have to take into account additional workload related to the ongoing maintenance of the premises, repairs or renovation.

Fortunately, there are specialists who, thanks to many years of investment experience and knowledge of the real estate market, understand the challenges and opportunities facing this market. The Wawa Concept team has prepared a special offer for readers, enabling them to become the owner of an investment property fully ready for lease. The company also deals with comprehensive rental management, thanks to which the income from the property may become fully passive.

How it’s working?

From purchase, through renovation and equipment, to rent, Wawa Concept takes care of everything. The only obligation of the investor is to visit a notary public and conclude a real estate purchase agreement. Let’s take a look at this process from their perspective:

Preparation of an investment property

To ensure an optimal return on invested funds, each property is carefully analyzed and audited. Among other things, we assess the location, condition of the property and the local rental market to examine the investment potential.

The facilities are undergoing major renovation and are adapted for lease in such a way as to make the best use of the available space. It often happens that we divide an apartment into several studios, thanks to which the profits from the whole are even higher.

We analyze the profitability of the investment in detail – our facilities maintain a ROI of at least 7-8%.

We also pay great attention to the recruitment process of potential tenants. As you can see in the photos above, we maintain the premises to a good standard, which attracts suitable tenants. In addition to signing the lease agreement, the tenant is also required to insure against damage to the premises.

We prepare a wide range of investments for our investors – from micro-studios, through small and medium-sized apartments, to entire floors or tenement houses. We are ready to meet various investment needs.

Property management

We comprehensively manage the property:

  • We conduct the process of recruiting tenants,
  • we deal with the day-to-day service of tenants,
  • we monitor payments (both rents from tenants and maintenance payments for the premises),
  • we care about maintaining the premises at the appropriate technical and aesthetic level,
  • we prepare a full monthly financial report for the property owner.

The investor has online access to information about the real estate through professional rental management software.

Why is it worth investing with Wawa Concept?

We have been operating on the market since 2016 and we have a large group of satisfied investors.

Experience supported by results

  • 17 ready, earning investments,
  • 27 properties under management,
  • over 100 tenants.

Full property management offer

Our team takes care of everything, you receive a transfer every month – it works like a bank deposit, but our deposits have much better interest rates, you receive interest every month.

Profit optimization

We manage the lease on an ongoing basis, optimizing costs and prices so that the profitability of the investment is as high as possible. Thanks to which i.a. our investors did not feel the negative effects of the pandemic.

Models of cooperation

▶ ️ Purchase of real estate – at least PLN 500,000
You are the owner of the property, and we provide full administrative services (repairs, maintenance) and rental management.
Fixed rate of return 6 – 9%.

▶ ️ Financial investment as part of larger projects implemented by our companies – partial investment from PLN 30,000.00
It is a flexible model – no long-term commitments, the ability to exit the investment at any time.
Share at the level of 20% of the profit generated by the company.

We focus primarily on the current profits from the rental of the premises, the potential increase in the value of the property itself (GUS table) is only an addition, making the whole thing even more profitable.

If you are interested in an investment in real value, which is real estate and you want to receive income statistics for one of our current investments, please fill out the contact form:

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