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October 3, 2022
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GamerHash users will earn 20% more thanks to the GHX token –

GamerHash, one of the largest cryptocurrency projects in Poland, announces major changes for its users in connection with the creation of GamerCoin (GHX). The token, which will soon appear on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, will provide much higher profits from cryptocurrency mining.

A bonus that allows you to earn 20% more

Users GamerHash are people who actively earn in BTC by digging the most profitable cryptocurrencies (e.g. ETH) on their PCs. With the new GamerHash app update, users will earn 20% more in the GHX cryptocurrency. For example, earning $ 10 a day, the user will get an additional $ 2 on GHX every day.

Thanks to this, the GamerHash application will probably become the most profitable program of this type in the world. Mining with the GamerHash app will temporarily also be the only option to get GamerCoin before it goes public. Is there a catch here? Let’s take a look at the details of the promotion.

Airdrop Proof-of-Work?

The idea of ​​bounsu from GamerHash can, in other words, be called Proof-of-Work airdrop, because we get GHX tokens only if we are miners on the GamerHash platform. Every month, the project will be giving away $ 10,000 GHX tokens to miners and the prize pool will renew on the first of every month for a minimum of 3 years!

Until May 5, 2021, the tokens will have the pending status on the platform – later they can be withdrawn to your own ERC-20 wallet, exchange, or used in the GamerHash Store. HODLing of GHX tokens seems to be a good solution – they will play an important role in the future, built on the decentralized NFT exchange.

2021 is a great year for cryptocurrency miners

Since the beginning of this year, due to the development of the DeFi industry and a large number of transactions in the ETH network, miners have been earning record sums – even higher than at the end of 2017.

GamerHash users will earn 20% more thanks to the GHX token - 23

According to the CEO of the GamerHash project, Patryk Pusch, a computer with a single graphics card earns an average of $ 60-80 in 2021, while a high-end gaming computer can earn up to $ 700 a month. Together with an additional 20% bonus in GHX, this translates into earnings, which may be greater than the salary of many people in Poland.

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