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November 29, 2022
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Geco.one supports Golf – a chance to promote Bitcoin in business? –

Geco.one is one of the fastest growing margin trading platforms in the world. Offers cryptocurrency trading with a leverage ratio of 1: 100. Recently, Geco.one has been supporting golf – a exactly Polish Business League

Geco.one supports Golf

Geco.one, Polish margin trading, supports education and popularization of cryptocurrencies in the world of traditional business and investments. The platform strongly focuses on educating investors. It shows them how to earn margin trading. Recently, the stock exchange has decided to expand its activities to areas related to business.

Golf Business League is an initiative operating since 2007. It is a tournament league intended for presidents and management staff of Polish and European enterprises. The scale of the competition is a total of eight tournaments taking place in Poland and abroad. The competition is of a premium nature and brings together leading names from the Polish world of sports, culture and business. The cooperation with Geco.one was announced by Golf Business League on its website.

Managers interested in blockchain

The area of ​​big business occupies an important place from the point of view of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. Markets and Markets research from 2020 estimates that the value of the blockchain industry is expected to increase from USD 3 billion to USD 39.7 billion over 5 years. Already in 2018 PWC asked the managers and directors of large companies about plans related to the use of blockchain in their business models. The responses were extremely surprising. 84% of respondents indicated that they are actively involved in blockchain projects. Industries that can benefit from this technology in a special way are the FinTech sector, as well as production and energy companies. Importantly, blockchain is not only a song of the future for big players. 25% of respondents indicated that decentralized technology-based programs are in a pilot phase or are currently operating in their companies.

Geco.one’s involvement in media activities in Poland, especially at points of contact with representatives of large business, may contribute to the growth of the future value of this sector in the Polish economy. It is also an opportunity to permanently accelerate innovation in our country. It will not be prevented even by the rather conservative stance of institutions such as the NBP – for example in relation to the digitization of the Polish currency.

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