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October 5, 2022
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Gold loses to Bitcoin – Bitcoin Radio # 36 –

Cardano has another success. It holds a new record for the popularity of online queries. Probably a similar fate applies to the remaining top altcoins that were on the market in 2018. However, aside from Cardano, there’s also an interesting aspect about what’s going on with Doge. Does the amusing cryptocurrency have a chance to grow by another 1000%? I will tell about it on the latest Bitcoin Radio! You will also learn why gold is losing to Bitcoin.

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Gold is losing to Bitcoin

An interesting comment was made under the last episode of Bitcoin Radio on the Krypto Report channel. Remember that I read your comments, and the most interesting will always be in the episode. This time we discussed the following

But that’s not all. A lot of interesting has happened in the world of cryptocurrencies. First of all, it attracts attention Bloomberg reporton the relationship between bitcoin and gold. It turns out that gold has recently been losing out to the king of cryptocurrencies and is slowly being replaced in investors’ wallets.

There’s also a lot of fun going on on the Dogecoin front. Cryptocurrency has been experiencing interesting moments recently. Starting with the rise in popularity brought about by the r / WallStreetBets surge and Elon Musk’s tweets, Mark Cuban introduced the Yellow Dog Coin to the Dallas Mavericks store. The one mentioned in one tweet that Doge has a chance to grow to $ 1! How? About it in episode 🙂

Are you taking an active part in the “hunt” to discover the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto? If so, I have another interesting lead for you. An interesting article has appeared in the pages of the medium, which selects another character for the role of a cryptocurrency creator. There is really a lot of clues.

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