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October 3, 2022
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How to buy bitcoin fast? Because it’s falling – Bitcoin Radio # 28 –

Do not worry. This time I answer the question in the title at the very beginning of the episode. In addition, it is going to be quite an interesting episode, overloaded with various, incredibly juicy information from the cryptocurrency market. Mr Beast will be there today too – this is for all YouTube fans.

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Bitcoin Radio and Mr Beast

In the new Bitcoin Radio episode, I will not forget to mention 10 times that Bitcoin hit over $ 40,000 and then dropped 15% in an hour. In addition, we will consider whether this is just a temporary correction, or maybe this state of affairs means the end of the bull market on BTC?

One of the reasons for the spike in BTC, according to some experts, is investors moving away from gold to bitcoin. These moves could be a sign of Bitcoin’s rising status as a legitimate asset class. Gold and Bitcoin have long been linked as both are seen as a way to protect wealth from inflation and macroeconomic uncertainty. However, if price movements over the past week are some kind of indicator, Bitcoin could win the race.

There are also promising signals from America. Well, maybe not necessarily positive for everyone, but positive for BTC holders. Joe Biden recently announced that he intended to pour several trillion dollars into the US economy as part of stimulating the US economy. A great stimulus action can obviously contribute to the next one increase in the BTC price.

One of the tools that home-grown cryptocurrency analysts measure whether bitcoin will rise or fall is Google Trends. The tool shows the popularity of the query in the search engine over time. Ethereum has just beaten its current ATH in this respect, achieving the highest popularity since its inception. For comparison, Bitcoin is still around 50% of the ATH value (at the turn of 2017 and 2018).

Do you know Mr. Beast? One of the biggest creators on YouTube has verified his account in the Brave browser! A milestone and strong support for this BAT-related browser.

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