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December 5, 2022
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How to start Bitcoin mining investment and points that beginners should be aware of

Video content introduction

We will send you a YouTube program about mining sponsored by the crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange Deecaret five times in total.

In the second installment, we will send you a video about “How to start investing in Bitcoin mining and points that beginners should be aware of”.

I am interested in crypto assets (virtual currency), such as “what kind of mining investment is there?”, “How to make it easy for individuals to enter”, “points that beginners should be careful about”, etc. Mika Hirose, a high-ranking model / talent, will be the listener as a viewing representative, and Takahito Kagami, the representative of CoinPost, will explain so that even beginners can understand. Please watch it.

Table of contents of mining program

  1. What is Bitcoin Mining doing? Explain the mechanism
  2. How to start Bitcoin mining investment and points that beginners should be aware of
  3. Ethereum, what will change with the transition from PoW to PoS? Compare “mining” and “staking”
  4. I asked an active miner of virtual currency about the actual situation of mining
  5. Why do crypto investors pay attention to hash rates?

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Sponsor company: DeCurret Inc.

home page:decurret.com

Twitter account:twitter.com/DeCurret

note blog:decurret.com/ownedmedia

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All you have to do is purchase a mining machine and let Deecaret do the rest! We provide various services related to virtual currency (cryptographic assets), such as mining machine operation service, automatic accumulation of Bitcoin that is easy for beginners, and exchanges for heavy users!


A YouTube channel “CoinPost”, a virtual currency (cryptographic asset) media, and Gentosha “New Economy”, which explains the hot news of the virtual currency / blockchain industry and the contents that can be learned for beginners.#CONNECTV“. We deliver daily videos that explain topics that you do not understand in the article.

We plan to deliver useful information that is possible only with major domestic virtual currencies and blockchain media. In the future, we aim to create a “place” where key persons from various business genres in Japan and overseas can collaborate with key persons in the virtual currency / blockchain industry.

N https://blocksats.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/How-to-start-Bitcoin-mining-investment-and-points-that-beginners.png->


Author: ConnectTV editorial department

Images used under Shutterstock license
“Cryptocurrency” means “cryptographic assets”

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