December 9, 2022
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Hyper-capitalists rule cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Radio # 54

The next week is another Bitcoin Radio – in this episode I invite you to review the adventures of Bitcoin and the company after an extremely moving week. Bitcoin dived for the first time below the border The $ 30,000, however, exceeded it relatively quickly. The entire cryptocurrency world is holding its breath, waiting for what will happen now. Are the hypercapitalists behind this?

Hypercapitalists and Other Prophecies

A very interesting topic is the one regarding stablecoins. We learn from press reports that Circle – the company responsible for issuing the second largest stablecoin (USDC), has started cooperation with Mastercard. This cooperation is aimed at facilitating the conversion and extending the possibilities of issuing virtual currencies. No wonder then that Janet Yellen, the US Treasury Secretary, is interested in the subject. Yellen is calling for the regulation of stablecoins as they may pose a threat to her country’s monetary security. No wonder – the cooperation of large financial / payment corporations with stablecoin issuers may have far-reaching implications in the future.

The implications, however, are not afraid of Anonymous. A group of hackers popular on the Internet has decided to issue their own cryptocurrency to help them fight Elon Musk and China’s cryptocurrency. It’s going to be quite a mess!

The subject of the episode, however, is primarily the controversial statement by Jackson Palmer – the co-creator of dogecoin. Palmer believes that cryptocurrencies are a tool for right-wing hypercapitalists. Their goal is to avoid taxes and reduce regulatory oversight. At their core, cryptocurrencies are designed to facilitate fraud, extortion and discrimination against the average person.

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