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December 5, 2022
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IGBiNT wants to help the PFSA office to regulate the cryptoactive market

The Blockchain and New Technologies Chamber of Commerce announced yesterday that it was collecting comments on “PFSA stand on the issue and trading of cryptoactive substances”. The KNF Office wants, as you can see, to take the first step to regulate the token market in our country.

IGBiNT wants to help the KNF Office

In turn, the Chamber published the following message on its website yesterday:

“Dear members and supporters of the Chamber.
The Polish Financial Supervision Authority has just published the draft “PFSA stand on the issue and trading of cryptoactivators” for its consultation.

The project can be downloaded directly from the KNF website: https://www.knf.gov.pl/aktualnosci?articleId=70297&p_id=18

We ask for help in finding and reporting inaccuracies and mistakes that we will inevitably find in this project.

For this purpose, we made a copy of the report on Google Drive with the possibility of submitting comments. The document is available at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IkIVZHsbk3UMvAw2wxxUOqKGT5_t-Fw4NsxCWq5ELeQ/

We invite you to edit together to make the most of this opportunity.

We collect comments until July 26 (Sunday). “

What is IGBiNT?

The Blockchain and New Technologies Chamber of Commerce is an initiative of entrepreneurs launched at forum.. On April 26, a similar initiative was announced by cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan. Today – next to the Polish Bitcoin Association – is an entity that represents the digital currency environment in the media or before Polish authorities.

According to the Polish letter of the law, the Chamber has statutory possibilities enabling it to represent the interests of the entire blockchain industry and new technologies in talks with governmental bodies. As you can see, now he wants to take advantage of this and help the PFSA Office to regulate the token market in the best possible way.

For the first time in public, the idea of ​​establishing a chamber of commerce was presented by Sławomir Cieśliński at the first meetings of the Blockchian and Cryptocurrency Stream conducted by the Ministry of Digitization in 2016, when Anna Streżyńska was the head of the department. To the general public, the idea of ​​establishing this type of entity was recalled by Minister Anna Streżyńska on February 23, 2018 at the premiere of the film entitled “Krypto” at the LUNA cinema in Warsaw.

The Board of the Chamber will include people known from the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Robert Wojciechowski has been the chairman of the board since the beginning.

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