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October 5, 2022
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In Australia, we’ll pay for a can of Coca-Cola with Bitcoins. Video! | Blocksats

Adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment is becoming more widespread every year. Unprecedented events such as the 2017 BTC record course or halving celebrated not so long ago, allow the oldest cryptocurrency to break into the mainstream. If people start using Bitcoin as a means of payment, paying with it for a simple can of Coca-Cola, they will quickly and easily conclude that cryptocurrencies can freely compete with traditional cash.

Coca-Cola can for Bitcoin

Centrapay is a platform that introduces solutions to the market to help integrate the world of digital currencies with existing solutions. It changes the way consumers engage in individual brands and exchange value with buyers. Centrapay is a leader in the use of Blockchain for the creation, distribution and payment using digital products such as cryptocurrencies. It provides technological integration with consumer and commercial systems to enable daily use of digital resources.

June 9, 2020, Centrapay, signed an agreement with Amatil, one of the largest distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages ready for consumption in Asia-Pacific and one of the largest distributors of The Coca-Cola Company products in the world. The purpose of the contract is to implement a solution enabling the purchase of drinks from vending machines using Bitcoin.

Customers make payments by scanning the QR code and performing transactions using the Sylo wallet. Your cola is billed at the regular NZ dollar exchange rate, which is then converted to Bitcoins and the appropriate amount deducted from your wallet Sylo Smart Wallet.

Jerome Faury, CEO of Centrapay, says that the complexity of integration and poor user experience are barriers to adopting Web 3.0 technology such as digital identity and resources.

“We’ve solved both of these problems. Centrapay is a pioneer in creating a new Internet of value and providing benefits to both consumers and traders, “he says.

The company wants to implement solutions based on Bitcoin payments around the world in the future. If the experiment in Autralia and New Zealand is successful, the next goal will be the US.

“Now we have shown how it can operate in Australia and New Zealand, we want to develop our operations all over the world. We are present in North America and we will continue to head to the US market by introducing the first global innovations, “adds Jerome.

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