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June 25, 2022
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Isaiah Jackson: Bitcoin can help African Americans Blocksats

Isaiah Jackson is the author of the book “Bitcoin and Black America”. In a recent interview, he stated that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies “can really help African Americans.”

African Americans need a new financial policy

In a recent interview, Jackson discussed how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can affect the development of the African-American community. Jackson still remains with his opinion, which he had already expressed, claiming that the methods of the current financial system of America are not always fair to African Americans. He also believes that the community needs its own monetary policy to do business and survive.

“We were in a difficult economic situation, and there were many solutions in our community that did not work, because we have the same median income that we had in the 60s. In my opinion, we need something completely different and we do not have to talk about the same solutions all the time. Bitcoin has only appeared in the last 11 years. One of the things I wanted to do was look at the circular economy that can take place thanks to bitcoin and apply it to the circular economy that the black community should have … Going further, I want to make sure that people have at least the ability to own bitcoin and succeed financial “.

Jackson said.

According to Jackson, one of the great advantages of using bitcoins is primarily simplicity. All you need is a telephone or any digital device on which you can store cryptocurrencies. According to the author of the book ‘Bitcoin and Black America’, bitcoin would strengthen the financial situation of African Americans.

“Telephone services are worse in black neighborhoods that are poor. Unfortunately, this is the truth that there is a digital divide. Many people with phones do not have laptops, but the advantage of bitcoin is that you can use it with just a phone. Even in countries like Nigeria and others that do not have developed technology but everyone has a telephone. Bitcoin can be used immediately, and you don’t have to be technically smart. Just install the application. “

– He said.

Jackson added that many members of the black community do not trust large banks. They don’t trust the financial system in America, and many African Americans still keep money in their mattresses and they don’t even consider opening standard bank accounts.

Bitomats in post offices

A representative of the black community is convinced that placing bitomats in post offices can potentially help not only the black community, but also the cryptocurrency industry. Argues:

“We should put bitomats on the post office. A level of trust in post offices would help people realize that this is something common because some people are still afraid. People use the US dollar for payments and bitcoins for other things … Mail would be great. “

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