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October 5, 2022
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Janusz Palikot comes to investors with a new proposal to invest in whiskey barrels –

Janusz Palikot, instead of classic equity crowdfunding, chose tokenization on blockchain using the mosaico platform, where it will be possible to acquire digital property rights to Janusz Palikot’s latest business venture. M which is an investment in barrels of craft whiskey.

The sale of shares in Whiskey Barrels starts on December 10, fans of Whiskey and Janusz Palikot’s business projects can invest in whiskey barrels from PLN 100, for which they reserve half a liter of capacity in a barrel, in which 1 bottle of whiskey will be matured every 3 years, thanks to which Investors can count on a return on investment when selling whiskey bottles.

Page where you can read more about whiskey barrels and investment opportunities:


Rather than buying a company’s stock with the hope of increasing their value, they can invest directly in a whiskey barrel. The investment model assumes that the difference between the price of the distillate poured into the barrel and the price of a bottle of craft whiskey on the shelf a few years later is large. However, so far such an investment has been associated with a considerable expense, because the prices of the smallest barrels start from five and a half thousand zlotys. The entry threshold is reduced thanks to the use of blockchain technology for tokenization.

Thanks to the technology behind the mosaico tokenization platform, digital product crowdfunding will now be possible, which can also be traded on the secondary market through the Kanaga Exchange integrated with Mosaico.

The investor will be able to expect a rate of return characteristic of this type of projects without having to invest large amounts. Democratization of access to investments lies in the DNA of tokenization and blockchain technology.

The premiere of the project of the pioneer of the Polish alcohol market begins on December 10. On this day, at 12 noon, Janusz Palikot will take part in a livestream organized by Mosaico and Kanga Exchange, where he will tell more about the possibilities of investing in whiskey. Undoubtedly, this is not the last time that Janusz Palikot introduces a revolution on the alcohol market, and Mosaico helps him create an innovative type of asset and a model for investing in craft whiskey.

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