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October 4, 2022
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Joe Biden wants “500+” for every child –

Joe Biden’s success in the US opens the door to the implementation of many social programs. It turns out that Democrats want parents to receive even the equivalent of 1.1 thousand. PLN per month for each child. It is part of a broader pandemic recovery plan.

500+ in American

As much as USD 300 a month – this is how much parents are to get for each of their children under the age of six. This does not mean, however, that younger children will be harmed (or more precisely: their parents). For minors aged 6 to 17, the state will “pay” $ 250.

The word “will pay” was placed in quotation marks for a reason. The allowance is to be a kind of tax relief, not a payment directly to the account, as is the case in Poland. What is worth adding, however, even if citizens do not earn enough to theoretically take advantage of the discount, they will be entitled to $ 250 or 300 per month. The payments are to be coordinated by the IRS, i.e. the tax office.

It is not known yet whether the richest Americans will be able to take advantage of the program.

The Washington Post suggests that while it is only an idea for now, it has a very good chance of being implemented.

New order

The project is also intended to be part of a larger post-pandemic recovery plan that Joe Biden’s team is offering to offer. The main objective? Starting the economy after lockdowns. It is worth adding that although Congress has already issued checks for Americans to help them survive the first wave of the coronavirus crisis, in the case of the above-described program, the Democrats want the money for parents in the form of reliefs to remain in the US permanently.

In addition, we learned about plans to increase the taxation of the richest and corporations. Stock exchange tax is also taken into account. The point is that the authorities initially want to tax unrealized gains on shares. This is suggested by Janet Yellen, nominated for the post of US Treasury Secretary.

Joe Biden also recently made a decision to increase the provision of food to the most deprived.

We cannot allow people to starve. And we will not allow it – said the new president.

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