December 9, 2022
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John McAfee issues an anonymous telephone Blocksats

The controversial creator of the antivirus program – John McAfee, releases a new phone that is designed to provide users with one hundred percent anonymity and privacy. The creation of the telephone is a consequence of the recently released Ghost Coin coin.

John McAfee releases a privacy phone

As with currency, the phone is created using technology that is impossible to trace. This means that anyone who uses it will not be able to be eavesdropped or tracked. People using the new service will allegedly remain completely anonymous and their private data will not be exposed to outside access. The new John McAfee product is equipped with a 4G data transmission service and will be launched in September this year.

McAfee is currently sought by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for refusing to pay income tax. Earlier, he announced plans to run for president of the United States, although he remained in exile all the time.

Ghost Coin

Last June, McAfee released its new cryptocurrency, Ghost Coin, to protect transaction data from third parties. Anyone who starts using the new coin will not need any outside help to regulate or confirm transactions.

This currency has already attracted the attention of large corporations such as Disney. The entertainment company allows users to use Ghost Coin in vending machines in their Hong Kong theme park. In the city, there are also several kiosks and bitomats where you can buy or cash Ghost Coin.

The new McAfee currency has also caused much controversy because of the White Paper, which contains parts – according to McAfee – copied from PIVX, another cryptocurrency that provides privacy. According to its representatives, PIVX is not a coin with open source code, which means that all information that has been copied from its white paper has been obtained illegally.

New McAfee phone

What allegedly makes the phone secure and anonymous for users is that it does not require a SIM card to connect to the network. SIM cards allow tracking user activity by governmental bodies and external entities.

The new phone will only be designed for data transmission, although it will also provide voice support over IP (VOIP) and additional IP-based communication. To use the phone’s data network, users must scan the QR code that will be provided to them upon purchase. They will also gain access to an iOS or Android application that can provide them with additional data protection and privacy.

The person interested in the service will not have to sign any contracts or provide personal data during the initial stages of registration. The phone will have access to over 2,000 IP addresses from over 50 different locations to make it look as if it would connect from different places around the world.

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