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August 15, 2022
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Justin Sun announces the release of TRON 4.0 in July, but what is TRON 2.0 and 3.0?

June 25th is a crucial date for all “TRONICS” (TRON enthusiasts). After months of preparation, the TRON Foundation finally launched its Mainnet on the same date in 2018 and completed the migration of all funds from its Ethereum blockchain users to theirs. This date became known as “TRON Independence Day”.

“Today, I confidently announce that the development of TRON Mainnet, Odyssey 2.0 is complete, and all materials have been sent to Github. From this day on, the TRON community will be able to download and run the official TRON Mainnet Odyssey 2.0 on the TRON Github page. ”- observed at the time the founder and CEO of the project – Justin Sun.

The announcement stated that TRON Odyssey 2.0 had accumulated 2,153 confirmations, a mix of 547 forks, launched 15 software iterations and added 102 new features.

After Odyssey 2.0, the network underwent several updates, including the Odyssey 3.0 version, designed to position TRON as a direct competitor to Ethereum. It marked the official launch of the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), which provided the necessary tools for developers to use decentralized applications and execute smart contracts on the network.

Naturally, each update was aimed at improving the overall performance of key features, such as facilitating the development of the App and increasing security levels. After the release of Odyssey 3.6, a year later, for example, developers were able to create dApps on the TRON protocol and on the TRON virtual machine.

Arrival of Tron 4.0

Although the TRON network has experienced numerous more modest updates in the past two years, it is now preparing to adopt the fourth largest iteration called TRON 4.0, planned to take place on July 7.

The Great Voyage era, as TRON also refers, will be a “pivotal moment” in the project’s history, with several improvements.

For starters, the TRON Foundation has developed “the first smart contract privacy protocol supported by a virtual machine”, dubbed the TRONZ Smart Contract Privacy Protocol. The company described it as “the most secure, most productive and lowest energy consumption privacy protocol at the moment”.

The company also updated the “TPOS consensus mechanism, combining the advantages of DPoS and PBFT, which reduced the block confirmation time from 57 seconds to 3 seconds”.

Great Voyage will also see the introduction of a “new TICP cross-chain protocol, ushering in a cross-chain era for the TRON ecosystem. When TRON 4.0 is released, there will be three public chains available to connect with developers around the world. “

Finally, the statement reported on a successfully developed financial institution and corporate blockchain solution. They will be able to quickly deploy a custom application blockchain based on their needs. These solutions will significantly reduce the time and cost of projects, in addition to allowing for the easy adoption of a new blockchain system. “

With the launch of TRON 4.0, the company is planning a “stunning transformation” from a blockchain-centric project to an “industry trend launcher”. The Great Voyage era will also help TRON’s initial mission to “decentralize the Internet”.

Source: CryptoPotato

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