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October 3, 2022
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Knight Nicholas is fighting SMA. Bitcoin knights support him – will you join? –

Meet Mikołaj. This brave Knight is two years old and is struggling with a very difficult disease. As the Polish cryptocurrency community, we want to support Mikołaj in his difficult battle with SMA. We need PLN 9,000,000 for gene therapy and rehabilitation. The collection is at the halfway point!


Knight Nicholas and his fight

For half a year, Knight Mikołaj and his family have been struggling with Core Muscle Decay. This severe and rare disease leads to skeletal muscle atrophy and ultimately to partial or complete paralysis of the body. SMA affects people of all ages, but more than 90% of cases are in infants or early childhood.

For half a year we have been fighting the most dangerous opponent imaginable – a disease that consumes a tiny body of our child, a disease that is just waiting to take away what he has – sitting, swallowing, breathing …

We also need you, Crypto Knight!

The most effective method of fighting SMA is expensive gene therapy. In order to be able to win the fight against this terrible opponent, Mikołaj and his parents have to collect as much as PLN 9,000,000 for a special, non-reimbursed drug and subsequent rehabilitation. From this huge amount, over 5,000,000 zlotys have already been collected.

That is why we are calling on the Polish Cryptocurrency Community to fight alongside Mikołaj and his parents! Mike Satoshi has created a special fundraiser to support Santa in his fight against SMA. In addition to the possibility of depositing funds using the Siepomaga.pl portal, we can also support the Knight thanks to deposits made in the ETH, BTC, LTC and NANO cryptocurrencies.

At this link you will find details of the Cryptocurrency collection for Santa!

At this point, we managed to collect PLN 49,000 from our CryptoEnvironmental contributions. As cryptocurrency buyers, let’s postpone the purchase of our Lambo a bit later and fill this Santa’s biggest piggy bank together. Together, we can give him strength!

Probably every boy in his childhood wanted to be a knight and fight monsters. Some were huge, others fit under the bed. They had one thing in common – no adult could see them. The disease of our son is also not visible in the photos, but it is a deadly threat and no one will win this difficult fight for him. The only thing we can provide Mikusi is the best armor currently available in the form of gene therapy.


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