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October 4, 2022
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Kraken CEO Jesse Powell: Bitcoin will replace fiat currencies –

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell believes Bitcoin will hit $ 1 million in the future. In a new interview with Bloomberg TV predicted that the cryptocurrency rate would increase by about 2,000 percent. over the next decade. In his opinion, BTC will eventually replace the dollar.

Jesse Powell: BTC will go up to $ 1 million

You know, people who believe in Bitcoin say it will replace all the currencies in the world Powell said.

He added that BTC will rise to $ 1 million over the next ten years “It is very reasonable.” He added that over the course of a decade, the world situation will change so much that the value of Bitcoin will probably not be expressed in dollars in the future, as it is now.

– Of course, we can only speculate, but when we pass [wartość BTC] in dollars, you have to think about it [rosło w] infinity – stated.

After a while, he added that the dollar is in its present form “Only fifty years”and “already showing extreme signs of weakness “. Hence, he believes “Soon people will start quoting the prices of certain things in bitcoins.”

I think real followers [BTC] They will tell you that we are going all the way to the moon, to Mars and ultimately that it will be the world currency, so we won’t be giving Bitcoin a dollar price – added.

To further and the price of BTC?

Even assuming that Bitcoin will go up to USD 1 million over the course of this decade, it is worth considering how its price will behave in the coming months. Regarding the short-term forecast of the Kraken boss, earlier this year he told Bloomberg that Bitcoin could hit $ 100,000 during the boom.

Powell assures that a wide range of investors is looking for a refuge from inflation in the flagship cryptocurrency.

– People gather there [na rynku BTC] (…) Due to limited, predictable supply. (…) Nobody can print [więcej] Bitcoin, so it’s very predictable – He said. – Over the past three months, we’ve seen a huge influx of new accounts from everyone, so we’re seeing hedge funds, wealth managers, retail investors, overnight investors – added.

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