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October 2, 2022
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Lark Davis: ETH has a bright future –

Cryptocurrency analyst Lark Davis believes the Ethereum community will grow by at least 400%. IN new movie on YouTube, he outlined some of the pro-growth factors that could make the ETH rate rise sharply.

Lark Davis: ETH is big fish food

Davis primarily notes that the number of long-term Ether owners is increasing. What’s more, big players are interested in cryptocurrency.

This week we had the second largest Ether outflow from centralized exchanges – with 235,000 Ethers withdrawn within one hour – he said and added that evidently big players are using the current correction to buy more units of cryptocurrency. – Ether is in accumulation mode, and whales are still buying a lot – added.

In his opinion, Ether will rise to over USD 100,000 in the future.

Fashion on NFT and DeFi

However, ETH will not be more expensive because – like BTC – it is starting to be considered a safe haven. It is about specific functionalities of the network.

Davis says another catalyst that is likely to boost Ethereum’s market capitalization is and will be the growing interest in Non-Convertible Tokens (NFTs).

– The undisputed home of the NFT is Ethereum. Every major NFT market is an Ethereum market. Sure, other networks will be airing NFT, I am happy about it, I’m excited too. But as is often the case, all the liquidity and all the most valuable things are in Ethereum He explained.

Davis adds that Ethereum will also benefit from the growing popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi), which is “The biggest thing that happens in the cryptocurrency market.”

– The largest and best protocols with the highest liquidity are built on top of Ethereum, they live on Ethereum. Potential market for decentralized loans, exchanges and other, more exotic financial services [będzie]… Huge… absolutely huge. We are literally talking about the future of finance. How big do you think Ethereum’s market cap will be when we finally reach a billion users in this decade? – He said.

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