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October 2, 2022
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Len Sassaman was Satoshi Nakamoto? –

A new theory suggests that cryptography expert Len Sassaman may have been the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Len Sassaman is Satoshi?

Len Sassaman (actually: Leonard Harris Sassaman) was a supporter of online privacy promotion and the person who worked on the Mixmaster remailer code and operator of the randseed remailer. He was also a technologist who researched the topic of cryptography and protocol development. In 2011, he committed suicide.

IN article on Medium, its author Evan Leung gives several reasons that may suggest that Sassaman created Bitcoin.

First, Leung points out that Satoshi sent his last message just two months before Sassaman’s death on July 3, 2011.

He adds that Sassaman was an expert in cryptography and public keys, which is the technology behind Bitcoin. He was also a member of the Internet Engineering Task Force, which group developed the TCP / IP protocol – the backbone of the Internet and the Bitcoin network.

According to Leung, Sassaman also collaborated with Hal Finney when he joined Network Associates to help develop PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption. Finney is the first person to receive Bitcoin from Satoshi. Sam was also accused of being the creator of BTC.

It can also be assumed that Sassaman had views that coincided with the ideas underlying BTC. As the author of the article adds, the creators (creator?) Of BTC had to “Roll up your sleeves” and “To build a real version of an idea that has previously been relegated to theory.”

Sassaman also lived in Belgium, where Bitcoin was reportedly being developed. Satoshi reportedly worked on the cryptocurrency project in the Old Continent (opinions on this issue are, however, strongly divided).

There are also linguistic issues. It is said that Len used the British language – as did Satoshi – even though he was an American.

Who was Satoshi?

While the article cited above is interesting, we still don’t know who the creator of BTC was (is?). The author of the text admits it himself.

Whoever Satoshi was, he stood on the shoulders of the giants – Bitcoin was the culmination of decades of research and discussion in the Cypherpunk community …

– he adds.

So it is possible that we will never know the truth about who really designed BTC.

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