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December 5, 2022
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Leszek Balcerowicz criticizes government printing of money – Blocksats

Leszek Balcerowicz is quite a controversial figure. His famous economic reforms, which he carried out in Poland in the 90s, were necessary for some, for others they really hit the free market. In any case, currently the former deputy prime minister strongly criticizes the actions of the Polish government.

Balcerowicz: it is printing money

Balcerowicz was a guest of the Onet Rano program. The former deputy prime minister and finance minister have no illusions. The actions of the Polish government to help the economy are wrong.

“What the government is doing is printing money by the NBP in order to transfer it to the institution created by PiS. Prime Minister and NBP head want to eat a cake and have it ”

– he thinks.

He also believes that the current governing arrangement of the NBP is not very credible. He referred to the fact that the central bank is headed by Adam Glapiński, who for years was a collaborator of Jarosław Kaczyński. Thus, he is probably not very independent in making his decisions. At least, that’s what you suppose. Balcerowicz adds that the distribution of money should not be done by politicians at all.

Hero of the Third Polish Republic?

Balcerowicz, when he entered the arena of history, was an economist from the Central School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw, almost unknown to the public. His political and economic views were not clear then. All due to the fact that during the PRL – like all scientists – he was officially a fan of socialism. It turned out that he was actually reading in Milton Friedman’s “Free Choice.”

Friedman’s views differed significantly from what Solidarity and Lech Walesa promised Poles. The Third Polish Republic was supposed to be something like the “third way” – what “better than capitalism.” Of course it turned out to be a pipe dream.

III RPBalcerowicz decided to subject the economy to shock therapy. And here – depending on the interpretation – there are huge discrepancies in assessment. Some erect monuments to the then minister. Others criticize and point out that he was just a puppet of foreign capital. Still others are of the opinion that his ideas were only an evolution of the changes that the PUWP was already behind. Deciding who was right is a topic for a separate article.

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