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November 27, 2022
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Little girl Chloe’s meme is turned into NFT which can be sold for 5 Ethereum (ETH)

Little girl Chloe’s meme was turned into an NFT token and will be auctioned this Thursday (23) on the market, with an initial bid of 5 Ethereum (ETH).

Soon after being considered one of the biggest internet memes of the last decade, the image of the famous little girl Chloe will be transformed into a non-fungible token (NFT). The young woman’s family decided to create digital art in order to profit from the viralization that the meme had in 2013.

After completing eight years of success on the internet, the meme known as “Side-eyeing Chloe” was recreated through an NFT exclusive. With the token announcement by Chloe’s family, the sale of the item will be released later today (23).

According to BBC about the launch of digital art, the token will be sold through auction mode. Initially, the family set the minimum bid of 5 units of Ethereum (ETH), or even more than R$ 81 thousand, considering the altcoin price.

Chloe’s meme

Since being named “queen of the internet”, Chloe’s image was turned into a viral meme in 2013. That year, the young woman was successful on the Tumblr social network, reaching popularity even in Brazil.

With the NFT token craze invading the art world and epic happenings in the virtual world, the “Side-eyeing Chloe” meme has also given in to blockchain technology.

The bid to buy Chloe’s meme NFT is free, and the bid value starts at 5 ETH. That is, the user who offers the highest price will own the token by the token of the young woman who became famous on the internet.

Money will help with studies

Today, Chloe is ten years old and the family says they always get meme memories. Even Google has already carried out a campaign in Brazil praising the young woman who was just two years old when the image went viral.

While Chloe became famous on the internet after she showed a face of little surprise when she learned that she was traveling with her mother. She appears in the back seat of the car, and the video with her reaction reached millions of views.

Right after the sale of the meme, the buyer will have a Chloe-exclusive token that was created as an NFT. According to the family of the young woman, the money raised from the sale of the token it will be used to fund her admission to college.

Like young Chloe, this isn’t the first meme of its kind that’s been auctioned off via an NFT token. Just before her, another little girl famous on the internet had her image sold in the cryptoarts market.

Eternalized as “Disaster Girl”, the image of a girl with a house burning in the background went viral on the internet a few years ago and was sold in April 2021 as an NFT.

While it was sold for US$ 500 thousand on the market, or even R$ 2.64 million, the “Disaster Girl” token received hundreds of bids and was disputed among collectors of digital arts that are created through blockchain technology.

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